14 Tips for Solo Female Travel in India

14 Tips for Solo Female Travel in India  Hippie In Heels

So, you are about to embark on the solo female experience? Great! The next step is to find your Indian sanctuary. This can be anywhere in the world but the most popular destinations are Kashmir, Goa, Kerala and Rishikesh. So, let us start with your choice of an Indian sanctuary.

There are several options. If you prefer seclusion then there are plenty of temples and monasteries which will allow you to meditate and enjoy your solitude. Srinagar is popular for its serene atmosphere and lovely lakes. Other options are Mount Abu – The Holy Land and Rishikesh.

The best thing about these places is that they offer a taste of traditional Indian fare along with modern delights. They also guarantee some of the most incredible views – pink city, white city, spice city or desert city! There are a few things you should pack before going – food and water are essentials. Also, make sure you have enough space to acclimatize yourself to the new surroundings.

Start your tour by deciding on a budget. You can look at various websites for rates and packages. You will find that packages will usually include accommodation, meals and sightseeing. You can also look for tailor-made tours depending on where you want to visit.

You can either make your reservations online or visit the tour operator’s office. Once you are there, you will have all the required information to make your trip successful. Srinagar is well connected to the rest of the country – national highways and international airports are available. Make sure you take a taxi to the airport as it is not easy to walk to the cab stand.

Rishikesh is famous for its serene hill stations and temples. The valley is surrounded by Himalayas and is popular for valleys, lakes and cliffs. There are many interesting sites – caves, lakes, waterfalls and hiking trails. Dharamshala is a famous trek site and provides picturesque views of the valley. In the background, the mighty Himalayas seem even closer.

If you are a nature lover, then you will be thrilled to know that there are various wildlife sanctuaries here. You can go for a jungle safari in Srinagar or go for birding trips in Nagar, both of which are located near Manali. Apart from that, there are beautiful hills to climb and beautiful beaches to explore on your trip. You will get plenty of opportunities to swim and unwind – a big reason why many people like to spend their solo vacation in India. You can also visit the places mentioned above – Srinagar and Nagar – and then plan a separate trip to Shimla.

If you are determined to reach this part of the world, then you need to follow these tips for solo female travel in India carefully. In case you have never traveled alone before, then it’s best to prepare yourself in advance and make sure that you don’t get stressed once you start traveling. Always make your partner feel special – remember that you are making this trip with him/her in mind. This will add to your experience and give you the necessary courage to cover all 14 corners of India without any hassle.

The best way to start is to plan your itinerary well in advance. This way, you will not be hurried and you’ll be able to concentrate on other things like the type of accommodation you will choose. There are various options for solo travellers. You can opt for inns, hotels, resorts or even lodges that provide all inclusive, budget hotels along with breakfast and dinner. For your budget hotel stay, you should ideally avoid going to beach resorts or to stay in a well-known five-star hotel chain.

Another good travel tip for solo female travelers in India is to make a list of your desired tour destinations and prioritize them according to the best and most relaxing places you would like to visit. Also, choose a tour package that includes accommodations, meals and sightseeing. When you finally decided on your destination, look for tours that offer discounts and other complementary services. It will also be better if you do not forget to include in your list of places to visit cities like Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and others.

These tips for solo female travel in India are meant to be a short introduction on how to plan a solo trip without your partner. It is never easy to travel alone and this is the first time you have gone on your own. The experience will be less if you do not have someone to share it with. So, plan ahead and do not miss on any tips for solo female travel in India. It would help you to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Good luck!

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