15 Easy Korean Recipes For a Healthy Way of Eating

No one is a stranger to Korean food and as such it would be fun for you to try out the following recipes that are on top of my list. These recipes are well received and loved by many. They are easy to make and delicious too.

15 Easy Korean Recipes Perfect For Cold Evening

First in the list is the famous Samgyetang Poken. This is actually one of my all time favorite recipes in Korean cooking. It is spiced well and is often served with Bok choi, spicy hot soup. The standard recipe calls for 3 cups of soup while the adapted one adds water, ginger juice, and hot sauce.

Another is Baekgan. This is also known as the traditional spicy chicken soup. This dish originates from Korea’s central region. I would not be surprised if there are traces of Chinese influence in it. The key here is to make a stock out of this which is typically salty and has various chilies and garlic blended in. The common name for this soup is ginseng.

There are several versions of the famous Bulgol. The first would be the red version, which is red cabbage slaw with Bulgol and ginseng mix. The second is the white one, which is cucumber salad with bulgol and green onions. You can also try other versions like the original black bull and the spicy red bean bulgol.

Next on the list are some cookies or cakes. This is probably my all time favorite Korean recipe that I have tried and enjoyed. The two flavors i.e. vanilla and chocolate are combining together to create a very tasty and delightful cake or cookie. You can try out the versions which use raisins and gochogone.

A very popular option would be the soondubu. This is a traditional recipe made from Korean-style buckwheat. This is very thick and sweet wafers that you would definitely enjoy eating. You can make this by simply combining buckwheat, egg and ginseng. The recipe makes a delicious dessert when served with julienne vegetables as well as raw fruits.

Another delicious Korean recipe would be the soondubu. The ingredients used are buckwheat, moo ho and ginseng. Once you mix these three up, you get a very tasty sticky substance which you can spread all over your Korean hot pot. You can make sure that it tastes great by giving it a little time to soak before serving. Try this one if you are looking for a very spicy and delicious snack.

This is just an example of what you can find out there. There are many different and authentic recipes, which you can try out. You should not have a hard time finding them given the fact that they are easy to make. Just make sure to choose foods that are fresh and safe for you to eat. The above are some of the most popular easy Korean recipes you can try out.

These simple and easy Korean recipes can really help you improve your health. You should make sure to use ingredients that are healthy. For example, instead of using high cholesterol containing foods, you could try to consume more fish and seafood. Fish and seafood are considered to be very healthy and are rich in essential nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids, which are needed by the body to function properly.

Another thing you should do is use a variety of vegetables. For example, onions are very good if you want to go for a spicy taste. Onions are very rich in onion juice and have a wonderful flavor. You can also use garlic but make sure you do not use too much. In fact, you can use just a couple of spoons of garlic in any dish you like. This will definitely give you a unique flavor and smell.

You should always make sure to use a balanced diet. Korean recipes require you to make sure you are eating vegetables and fruits regularly. In fact, if you eat vegetables and fruits once or twice a day, it would be enough to fulfill your needs. Vegetables and fruits can contain high levels of antioxidants, which can help fight off diseases and boost your immune system.

With these simple Korean recipes, you would surely improve your health and would be able to enjoy your meals and snacks without worrying about having too much food. You do not need to be an expert in cooking to make sure that your meals and snacks are healthy. All you need is to follow the recipe closely. Eat several small meals throughout the day and make sure that each meal or snack contains all the required ingredients. This can be your ticket to a healthy way of eating.

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