20 Handsome Photos of Tom Holland That Will Give You Butterflies in Your Stomach!

One of the hottest celebrities right now is Tom Holland. The handsome American actor and singer are currently dating blonde Australian actress, Michelle Williams. When the two first started dating, they were spotted by a paparazzi, who then took pictures of them for many months until they got married in Las Vegas on Christmas Day 2021. Now, Tom has over 20 gorgeous photos of him and Michelle outside their home, which you can see below!

20 Handsome Photos of Tom Holland That Will Give You Butterflies in Your Stomach

– Before their marriage, Tom was candid about his struggle with being overweight, and he admitted to needing a healthy diet. As he got older, however, he didn’t seem to have any more problems with being out of shape. He had obviously put on some weight since his teens, because he was recently photographed wearing a black leather coat over a white t-shirt. In one photo, he’s wearing a beige blazer over a pair of denim jeans.

– In one snap, Tom Holland is lying on the beach, next to his beautiful wife Lisa Rinna. The couple appears to be having a good time, which makes us wonder what they might be doing out on their private island. The view in that photo is quite breathtaking.

– In one snap, Tom Holland is standing next to his son Austin at a playground. He then gets off a bicycle and rides it, while Austin watches. Clearly, Tom needs some exercise after all those years on the Atkins diet. After all, he’s just twenty-one years old. But that’s no reason to slack off, because one more workout will really make Tom Holland looks years younger than he actually is.

– In one picture, Tom Holland takes a dig at President Obama. “I think he’s gone and done a good job,” he says. Now, the question becomes, “Is President Obama doing a good job?” The answer might not come so easily. After all, Tom is a staunch Obama supporter and even gave $5.00 to his campaign. So if Obama is popular, why does Tom feel he needs to blast him?

– Tom Holland has definitely gained some weight over the years. In one snap, he’s wearing a shirt that covers half of one arm. Clearly, Tom isn’t walking around promoting green eggs and hamster. It’s hard to believe that Obama could have gotten this far in that short of a time. Maybe he should start working out more often.

– Looking for a photo where Tom appears to be having fun with a group of girls? He does appear to be having fun in one shot with two teenage girls. But he spends most of his time in one restaurant with no one else in sight. Can you believe that?

Hopefully these Sweetest Secrets of Celebrity Flowers will help you love Tom Holland even more. If you don’t love the man or movie star, there is always the other option… Check out the Internet for Sweetest Secrets of Celebrity Flowers. You’ll find lots of photos that you’ll just like. Just make sure they aren’t too far out of date before you use them on your scrapbooking page.

– One photo that everyone seems to like is one of Tom hanging out at the White House with the President. The scene is one of romance and happiness. You can’t help but think that the President might be reading the latest gossip columns and making up his own version of Sweetest Secrets of Celebrity Flowers. It just might be the best one out there, don’t you think?

– Who doesn’t like a picture of their favorite athlete on the cover of a magazine or newspaper? Tom Holland seemed to be one of the very best choices for a celebrity cover-up. Why not? Tom has been active on several sports teams, and he has a great physique to match. Who wouldn’t want to look like Tom Cruise or Billy Ray Cyrus?

– What if Tom Holland had a child with Avril Lavigne? Do you think he would still be so hot? This one almost makes me laugh, because I can image the two of them in a lesbian couple pose together. Can you imagine the looks on the faces of all those Hollywood insiders when they see this picture? The two of them make an unusual pair, don’t they? Just as one can imagine a unique relationship between a man and a woman, it seems that Tom could have married Lavigne and had kids.

– Do you remember the cover of Men’s Health magazine that showed Tom and Nancy Hillerman kisses in a beautiful red rose? That one just has to be one of the most famous covers of all time. Not only was it a good kiss but Tom managed to keep his shirt on and his tie on. Great pictures, no doubt. I wonder if Tom got nervous when he and Nancy took the picture and she held hands? If so, that must have been a very tense situation for Tom.

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