40 Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy That You Fancy

40 Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy That You Like

40 Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy that you Like is filled with fun and true advice. Advice that women really do need! This book answers the age old question of what can a woman do to make a guy fall in love? In fact, these techniques will get you on the fast track to making any man melt in your hands. I would have felt ten times more confident reading this book than I did when I was reading it. This is filled with honest and beautiful advice that will have you asking yourself “What can I do to make my guy fall in love?”

The author, Trish Stratus, takes you through her many experiments and quizzes to give you answers. I think we all would have benefited from answering the questions differently. What might be a better way to ask “How can I make this guy commit to me” than by using tricks and deceiving tactics? The author gives us three tricks that work really well. You might want to add a fourth if you are not doing these things already.

The first question deals with making an impression that is subtle. Stratus asks, “how do I make myself look and sound like a million dollars?” This is done by adding as much expensive jewelry as possible, buying new clothes that fit perfectly, and a lot of makeup. She also makes sure that she eats healthy and gets enough exercise.

The second question deals with appearing desperate. Stratus states, “Aren’t you tired of having to pretend to be interested in something so lame?” If you want your man to take you seriously, then you need to let him know that he won’t ever be able to forget you. Wear sexy lingerie and an elegant dress and let him feel that you truly are desperate for his attention.

The third question deals with being playful. Stratus asks, “Would you like to learn how to please a man by asking him questions that are too intimate?” If you have already started sleeping with your man, then you can ask him anything that you want and make sure that he feels like he is the only one for you. Don’t forget to buy him some flowers and chocolates as well.

It takes a woman to truly love a man. Stratus gives us a hint at how to go about seducing him. Start by complimenting his physical attributes. When you see him out in public, stop and notice all the nice physical features that he has. Keep in mind that you don’t want to overdo it. He should be comfortable with your being present.

Make sure that you are aware of his interests. Ask him about his favorite books, movies, etc. Once you have found some things that he is interested in, make sure that you check them out yourself. You may want to watch a trailer for them to make sure that they are going to be interesting to him. Remember, the more interest that he has, the more time you will have together.

Finally, ask about his past relationships. What went wrong? What did you do to make him go from being your perfect boyfriend to dumping you? This will make him realize that you aren’t perfect either. After this, you can move on to making out in public and flirting with other women. You will have to give him plenty of time to miss you though.

It’s also important that you don’t overdo the flirting. Men love it when women use sexy language like “you look fantastic today” or when you lean in close to him to kiss him. You should just get to the basics of physical contact, something that you can build upon with more flirty questions to ask a guy that you fancy.

One last thing, you should also make sure that you aren’t always too available. You need to make sure that you don’t pester the guy to keep an eye on you and that you take a back seat. If you do this too often, he will start to doubt you and your ability to be a good friend.

These are all important things to know if you want to make a man fall in love. There is no point in trying to pressure someone into feeling something that they aren’t ready to feel yet. If you are looking for some useful tips to make a guy fall in love, then make sure that you pay attention to these 40 flirty questions to ask a guy that you fancy.

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