50 Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns – How to Make Your Own Baby Hats

If you are looking for free crochet baby hats, then the first place you should look is on the internet. The internet is a good source of information, but with so many websites offering free patterns, how do you know which ones to pick and how do you know that they will be of good quality? You definitely need the expertise of a crochet consultant when it comes to crocheting baby hats.

50 Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns for Beginners  DIY

Why would you want to use free crochet baby hat patterns anyway? Isn’t this just a waste of time and money? After all, if you have spent all that time and money on your baby’s clothes, wouldn’t you want to protect him or her with the best hat possible? Wouldn’t you like to present your baby with the most high quality gift that money can buy? With hats you can do just that.

Crocheting hats make fantastic gifts. You can choose from so many different designs for toddlers, such as pixie-shaped hats, cartoon- character hats, animal hats, princess hats and more. Of course, you want to crochet the particular style of hat you are giving as close to the design of the baby’s head as possible. Some hats look beautiful when they are completely finished, while others need to be worked on a few times to get them to that finish. This is why crocheting baby hats is a good way to keep a pattern close to the design of the newborns’ head.

As with any other type of project, you need to learn to crochet in a balanced manner. You can crochet in a very casual, simple way if you so desire, but it is important to remember that you will be working with very delicate items. You don’t want to find the child choking or irritating his or her thumb. This means that you need to crochet with care.

Baby hats can be made using worsted weight yarn, although you can use any yarn you like. A swatch or two of each yarn is all you need. If possible, you might even want to buy an assortment of yarns, so you can make hats for all the members of your family. You will need an easy-to-use crochet hook, such as a small hook with a small round nose, to hold your yarn securely in place. It is not necessary to make your own hook, but if you do it will make the hat easier to make.

Start your baby’s hat at the brim. Work a single crochet stitch (chain stitch) around the circumference of the hat. When you come to the center, make a U-shape by wrapping yarn around the hook and then drawing the hook back out again, so that it points straight up at the top of the baby’s head. Work another chain stitch (rounding into a U shape again) around the inside of the hat, just past the join, and then pull the hook out again, bringing it back to the top of the baby’s head. Repeat these stitches around the brim, just past the join, and then work one more chain stitch (rounding back to a U shape again) around the inside of the hat.

Now that your hat pattern is finished, you will want to slip the resulting yarn, called the “edyra”, over the crochet hook into the next stitch. Work the hook through the stitch where the “edyra” is, making three loops. Then, slip the “edyra” under the first stitch of your previous chain stitch, making four loops on the hook. Secure the last two loops of your previous chain stitches with a stitch marker, such as a double-knit stitch marker or a rodding needle. Chain stitch will also help keep your hat from slipping out of place when you are pulling the hat up over your head.

Finally, we will put our newly created baby hat to the test. To do this, we will take our “edyra” and tie a string around it, about two inches above the head. Pull the string tight, then tie another string around the base of the “edyra” to confirm that it stays snugly around the head of your baby. You now have an easy way to make your own custom baby hats!

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