6 Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin Snap That’ll Make You Wish They Were Dating

6 Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin Snaps Thatll Make You Wish They Were Dating

It was more than obvious that Josephine Langford was not comfortable with her husband, JohnFiennes. John had recently proposed to her, but it was not to her liking. She resented the fact that she would have to be in the wedding gown, as the marriage would go through. John did not share this sentiment. He would not even give her the time of day when he announced that they would be divorced after fourteen months of marriage.

This did not faze Josephine. On the contrary, she was determined that the two of them were going their separate ways. And she was determined that she would be the central figure in that separation. Her attempts to get in between John and Fiennes proved fruitless. At the end of the 14th month of their marriage, which was the final anniversary of their marriage, she announced that the two of them were indeed parting.

Of course, John was livid. He insisted that the two of them were never to see each other again. But for some strange reason, on the day of their separation, John and Josephine did meet. It was at a restaurant in Manhattan. Of course, their first thought was to celebrate their union. But, since nothing good could come from celebrating something so private, both of them decided to get away from the restaurant.

While out on their own, they had a sudden discussion about the fact that their marriage was coming to an end. At first, it seemed like nothing happened. Then, out of the blue, they discovered that the other man they had been seeing was married. How could this be? They had been a part of just two months.

They returned home to a hero’s welcome. The happy news about the happily married man filled Josephine with a sense of pride that she hadn’t felt since leaving Paris. Suddenly, everything that had happened seemed very familiar to her. She wanted to tell John, but the words would just not come out of her mouth. She finally decided that it was time to break the silence.

When Josephine and John were alone, she suddenly felt something from behind her back. Something had tugged at her heartstrings, and she knew that what it was love. Without another word, she ran towards John. Their lips met instantly and from thereon, their relationship became romantic one.

A year later, they were engaged and life was beautiful. When they announced their engagement to the world, it was like a waterfall pouring its magic onto the unsuspecting world. All of a sudden, romance and happiness came rushing in to the couple. The newlyweds spent every waking moment of their marriage in joyous romance. They read books, went on second dates and had secret meetings to talk over the phone.

It wasn’t long before they both knew that this romance was going to turn into a lifetime romance. They decided to surprise their parents by telling them about their first kiss, their engagement and their married life. Surprisingly, they received a warm welcome. This is how Josephine Langford and her hero fiennes Tiffin Snaps transformed into the dynamic duo that we know today.

There are many books out in the public that can help you with this transformation. Some are better than others but most are written by well-known authors with very good writing skills. I recommend checking out romance writer Jennifer De Leon’s “Love in the Rain.” She knows how to set a scene and she brings a lot of life to her characters. Her stories always keep me interested and I can imagine that with her help, Josephine Langford could have written a best-seller book.

So, if you want to take a break from your normal book-reading routine and find a fun, fast-paced romance novel, then check out “Love in the Rain.” You will be amazed with what you find. Who knows? You may even find your own romantic hero.

Remember, there is nothing better than true romance when it comes to generating excitement and making readers happy. When you feel that urge to tell someone they are the love of their lives, don’t hesitate. Go ahead and do it. Your friends, family and co-workers will be thrilled with your bravery. And you just might make Josephine Langford the newest celebrity of our time.

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