8 Things You’s Victoria Pedretti Will Want to Know About Her Future Bride

Yous Victoria Pedretti Isnt Here for Your Marriage Proposal

You: Your Victoria Pedretti isn’t here for your marriage proposal. You: Your husband doesn’t want to be reminded of the two of you in any way. You: Your husband is busy and you don’t want to be bothered. You: You’ve always been an independent woman and this isn’t going to change.

My response to those questions was simply to remind myself why I was still with my husband and why I love him so much. Because you, Victoria, have made that commitment a priority in your own life. Because you’re not wasting time waiting for your husband to propose to you again. Because you love your husband and would do anything for him. Because in the end, being apart from each other won’t hurt as much as you think.

Yes, I know you have made it clear in the beginning of your marriage that you didn’t want kids and then later you did end up having them. But is it really that important to you? Are you sacrificing this one thing in your life to maintain what is essentially a two-year marriage? Do you believe that a child will complicate matters and make your marriage harder?

You: I don’t want children because they are just a physical thing. And, quite frankly, my husband doesn’t want children. But that’s your problem to deal with. The rest is up to you. Why not put all that aside and concentrate on what it is that you truly want out of the marriage? Once you do that, your husband will likely be more willing to consider your proposal.

II. What to say when your husband says he has to be somewhere else to see the engagement proposal video? It can happen to the best of us and leaves most women (me included) feel incredibly jealous and angry. Your first reaction may be to call him and demand that he pick up the phone and call you right now, but that probably won’t help your situation.

III. There are going to be months of tension between the two of you as you plan your wedding and wait for the engagement news to break. You and your husband may both feel like you have lost control of the situation and that you have taken a big gamble by agreeing to wait. You don’t want that to happen.

IV. You are getting married for a reason and you don’t want to mess that up. You don’t want this proposal to be one more in a series of failures that you blow. If you feel this way, you need to sit down with your fiance and work through your issues.

V. You have a dream to get married the only way you know how. You shouldn’t have to depend on the whims of another person or any man or woman to do this for you. You can do it alone. It will just take more work on your part. Remember, your marriage is what you want and you have to make sure it stays this way.

VI. Your fiance is going to love the fact that you are so confident about this. This gives you the opportunity to make him or her understand that this is the only way things are going to work now, and if you want to stay together and have a happy future then you have to stand your ground. Your fiance may actually begin to admire you for this. He or she may realize that he or she should offer you a commitment also.

VII. You have enough on your plate without having to worry about marriage proposals. You don’t want to spend your life trying to decide what to do with Victoria. You are doing just fine, and there are plenty of other people in your life that have more important things to do than worry about your marriage.

VIII. You are aware that you don’t want to live without your spouse, but you feel that a marriage proposal is something that you need to do in order to be financially stable. You can get past this point and think about when the right time to get engaged would be based on how well your finances are doing and how happy you are with the man or woman you have in your life.

IX. You are aware that you really want to get to know each other better, but you are worried that you don’t know how to approach the subject of a marriage proposal. You can get past this point and consider that the best way to approach this subject is by taking things slow, and learning as much about your fiance as you can. As time goes on you will know what works and what doesn’t work, and you will be able to tell your fiance what you think he or she needs to hear to get ready for a marriage proposal.

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