A Woman Can Steal Her Style From Movie Stars

“Steal Her Style” is not a movie I like to watch. I find it boring and tedious and they way it is designed to be watched – like viewing a soap opera, that is! No wonder the writer caught up in his own fantasy world makes it look like he is observing real people’s behavior. To borrow a phrase used by one of my favorite screenwriters, she should have tried harder to write a screenplay about… “… getting rich, instead of being a whiz kid!”

Steal Her Style  Celebrity Fashion Identified

So, how does someone steal the style of a famous celebrity? Simple. She takes bits and pieces of their personality and combines them into her own. She is a better version of the original and people love her for it. Of course, this only works if the original can take credit for her bits and pieces.

Take Jennifer Aniston. We all know how well known and popular she is as the sweet, innocent lead in the hit series “Friends.” But behind those cute cheeks are a strong, savvy business woman. And behind those business skills is her own personal style. In the series finale, the character Rachel stood in front of a group of admiring people and confidently strutted out, “I’m the best there is…” and everyone admired her for that.

That same sense of style is demonstrated in many movies today. We are drawn to beautiful women, characters with strong personalities, and the strong emotions they display. Movie after movie depicts a beautiful woman – whether it is an actress, singer, contestant on “The Bachelor” or a housewife working hard to raise a family – as a success in her own right. We cheer for her, applaud her decisions and happiness, and wish we could be living a life like hers.

Why does it seem to be so difficult for women to steal the style of a celebrity? It’s not that they don’t have enough talent. No one has ever said a woman couldn’t be an actress, a dancer, a singer, a model, or a star. It is just that they don’t know how to harness that talent and turn it into something meaningful. A woman who has great style is rare – but a woman with great style who can also sell is even more so!

It is very hard for a woman to get her dream job as an actress or a singer because Hollywood doesn’t value style as much as talent. Female movie stars such as Reese Witherspoon, Meg Ryan, and Oprah Winfrey all had to work very hard to achieve stardom status – but their great looks were not necessary to achieve stardom status. The same goes for movie stars who play supporting characters. They may be sexy, but they’re real “style” comes from their ability to sell.

Unfortunately, many women still feel trapped in the “Cinderella” myth. They believe that by copying the styles of movie stars they will be somehow less of a woman, or lesser human. But nothing could be further from the truth. Every woman has the right to be as successful in her own life as she wants to be.

Every woman has the power to be as successful in life as she wants to be. Every woman who is successful in her own life has the gift to teach others what it takes to succeed in life. If a woman only knows how to dress, she is limiting herself. But a woman who can draw on the success of other women does her part to teach women the true art of success – being a great fashionista, singer, actor or actress. And if you can wear a skirt, you can steal her style!

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