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Amelia’s Magazine is going to have an article up soon about the event in the month of September. Amelia’s is a monthly magazine about events, celebrities, and fun stuff that one would not normally hear about in the newspaper. Kate Middleton is the next British Princess to get an invite to the White House. This article will hopefully give you some clues as to just what the event will be like. Below are some links to some items that you may find interesting.

The Eve of Princess Diana: Yes, Princess Diana is coming back to Britain. She is the center of so much intrigue right now and people are looking for any and all details that they can get their hands on. One of the latest bits of news is that she will be attending a gala event in London hosted by Will Gluck. He is the editor-in-chief of the magazine. The event will also feature The Queen’s own mother, Diana, and her former husband, the late Princess Diana.

Amelia’s Monthly Fun Fests: This is a very special event that Amelia’s takes place during the month of September. It is a two day event and takes place in London. Many celebrities and entertainers attend this one. Among them are Sir Elton John, Kate Moss, Marina Royalee, and many more.

The St. Peter’s Church: This famous church is located in the City of Soho. If you live in Soho, you have probably been to this location many times. People go there to celebrate St. Pete’s Day. Amelia’s has put together a wonderful photo essay that includes photos from past and present events. The author is leaving us with some very interesting insights into what takes place at this very special event.

Prince William and Kate Middleton: Prince William and Kate Middleton are quickly becoming two of the biggest names in the world. They are courting the media world like never before. This is a high profile event for them. It is likely they will be appearing on television and/or radio at some point in the future. Amelia’s Magazine went to their event and it was a very informative and fun to read. Their coverage of the event was fabulous.

Amelia’s Party: A party is a celebration of life. Amelia’s Party is sure to be remembered by many as an extravagant gathering with plenty of food and music. There is also plenty of dancing. This will surely be an event that your guests will never forget. It is not every day that you get to see royalty. It is always a joy to attend and cover such an event.

Amelia’s Party sponsored by Princess Beatrice of Spain: This beautiful Spanish princess has graced the stage at Amelia’s for several years. Today, she is celebrating her golden jubilee. She and her husband have arranged to have a sleepover at Amelia’s on the night before their jubilee. Those who attend will surely enjoy this.

Amelia’s Party: Amelia’s Party is a chance to relax with great music and great food. It is also a chance to meet the newest member of the royal family. You can be there when it happens at Amelia’s.

Amelia’s Annual Charity Auction: What could be more fun than bidding on a charity auction? If you love auctions, Amelia’s has some of the largest in the area. You can bid on a wide variety of items including fine wines, artwork, antiques, jewelry, and clothing.

Amelia’s Secret Garden Party: Create an unforgettable event by hosting this secret garden party. Guests will be invited to an elegant tea party while they admire the garden set up for the party. This is a fun way to celebrate New Year’s Eve at your home. This is also a great way to kick off the new year with friends and family. You will surely enjoy this one.

Amelia’s Travel Series: Hosting a travel-themed Amelia’s Magazine event is the perfect way to give your readers a peek at the various destinations around the world. These include cities in the United States, Spain, England, Japan, India, South Korea, Egypt, and more. These events are fun, informative, and a great way to enhance your subscribers’ experience.

Amelia’s Magazine has been your source for great news and featured events-of-the-year for nearly 20 years. Now it’s time to celebrate the magazine and all the events-of-the-year that bring you the latest in entertainment and the cultural trends of our times. Make Amelia’s Magazine part of your holiday gifts this holiday season. Shop today and make the holiday season a special one!

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