American Music Awards

American Music Awards are given annually for top achievement in music. Over the years, they have gained immense popularity in the US. More importantly, they serve as a forum to share ideas, knowledge, and appreciation. Since its conception, the AMAs have grown from a mere networking event to an all out media event. The following is a quick overview of how music awards came into being.

The very first Music Awards was given out at the Montreaux Casino in Paris, France. The idea was to honor the composers/artists of the day. At that time, there was no way for artists to show their work except in museums. Thus, the AMAs were born.

Music awards can be categorised into two – those meant to reward creativity and those meant to reward performance. In recent times, the concept of the “Oscars” has evolved. Owing to their wide usage in the media and in the public arena, the term “Oscars” has become a generic one. Consequently, the term “Music Awards” is now rarely used anymore. It is true that the AMAs still reward creativity by presenting awards in the same traditional categories, but they allow fans and artists to participate in different categories. This way, they get the exposure that they cannot get otherwise.

Today, most of the AMAs now recognise genres of music rather than individual artists. Therefore, the categories of categories are decided upon by a panel of experts who judge the different performances on the basis of quality, innovation, originality, sales, audience participation, and contribution to the growth of the music industry. Most music categories now contain two or more performances. For instance, the Best Rock Song nominee is often a band or artist who excels in the genre. Similarly, the Best Hip-hop and Rap Song are usually two distinct performances.

Of late, musical categories have also included popular artists, as well as new ones who have made a name for themselves. This enables the voters to choose the very best performers. This is perhaps another reason why the term “Best Music Award” has morphed into a vague term. It may be the best reason or it may just sound like the right kind of title. Nevertheless, such music awards do still exist – they are simply much harder to find.

The best way to look for such an award is via the online music community. Such sites feature a list of the categories along with the short bios and links for each category. A quick search will reveal a number of AMAs in your locality. Look at the links to see if any of them are listed in your state or district. Then contact the organizers of the award shows, particularly if you live in a city where they are regularly held.

The music industry often puts on such events as a side event or brag about the achievements of the category winners. These are usually the same people who organize music contests and showcase albums in local clubs. It would certainly not hurt to keep tabs on what is happening in your local scene, especially if you attend a lot of these concerts and music events. Just entering a contest or sending a song to the public is a good way to get noticed by an established artist and bring you some recognition in the industry.

Of course, the best way to get an AMAs is to make it known in your community. Tell your friends and family members what kind of awards you want for yourself and other category winners. Then, when you see an upcoming show in a club or bar, tell the doorman or the bartender that you are supporting the favorite artists of the music industry. People will be curious and interested in your support and they might even ask how you came up with such a great idea!

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