Are There Good Reasons to Oppose Transgenderism?

Are there good reasons to oppose transgenderism? Recently, the Obama administration has made some moves to normalize restroom usage by students. This is a step in the right direction, and I applaud them for this. But the question remains: Are there really any good reasons to oppose transgenderism?

First, let me point out what is wrong with the current situation. The fact is that there is no reason to reject transgenderism. Transgendered people have suffered for many years, and their pain has been recognized and taken care of. Those who reject their gender do so because they wish to oppress them, treat them as lesser human beings, or because of ignorance. All of those motives are wrong.

Let’s put it another way. Everyone has the right to think whatever they want to think and to pursue that thought wherever they choose to. It is unlawful to interfere with that right. And that includes the ability of those who identify as being of the other gender to enter into restrooms or locker rooms.

A fundamental right is the right to privacy. That means people should not be required to submit to searches of which they have neither informed nor consented to. As a matter of fact, Americans have a strong legal tradition under the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution against unreasonable searches and seizures. There is absolutely no reason why transgenderism should be treated differently from other gender preferences.

Those who claim that transgenderism is a sin are doing so because they are afraid of becoming one. They are afraid that they will have to live a life like all the other gender members. They are afraid of dealing with discrimination, harassment, and violence. They are afraid that they may suffer from disease or worse.

However, it is wrong to treat the issue of transgenderism as a sin. It is not a sin for people to want to change their bodies. It is not a sin for people to want to be involved in the sex opposite gender. And it certainly is not a sin for anyone to wish to engage in sexual relations with members of the same sex. Transgenderism simply is a modern expression of natural gender identity.

There is an ongoing effort among some to redefine marriage in the United States. Some groups are urging the passage of a constitutional amendment that would do just that. Other states have already passed bills that allow people to petition for the right to marry someone of the same sex. Opponents argue that such a move goes against the express language and intent of the Constitution. The Court has never heard a case in which the federal government has urged a state to prohibit same sex marriages.

There are many reasons to oppose transgenderism. It does nothing but complicate the issue. It forces people into a difficult position where they have to choose between being comfortable with a transgendered person or having to live with their new “identity.” As the issue becomes more heated, the more hurtful comments turn up. If you have these questions, you need to find other answers than the ones that this article offers.

One argument against transgenderism makes the point that it is a sexual disease. This argument, while not entirely wrong, misses the point that sex is a biological reality. People are born with a sex. When that sex is changed, it is a normal biological function that can be altered.

No one is forcing anyone to change the nature of gender that was assigned at birth. People are choosing to live a lifestyle that goes against what society has deemed as “traditional.” Society should not interfere with what is naturally born. Unfortunately, there are those who wish to use the argument that being transgender is a mental disorder to force others to accept a lifestyle they do not. Those who are opposed to transgenderism should be willing to accept that there are reasons to oppose the lifestyle before they begin using this argument against those who are in transition.

The next question to answer when asking are there good reasons to oppose transgenderism is if people truly believe being transgender is a mental illness. It is believed by many that being transgendered is a mental illness. However, this is not something that is proven beyond all doubt. What is agreed upon is that those who wish to transition to the opposite sex wish to do so because of their mental health. There are those who simply do not wish to live as a male or a female. If those are considered to be mental illnesses, then no one is forced to live as anything other than what they wish.

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