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When it comes to choosing makeup, there are three basic B’s you need to know about. They are: base, shadow and highlight. When you apply them correctly, your makeup will be more dramatic and look more natural. It also makes the process easier and faster.

Base: This is the foundation you use to make everything else come together. It is the foundation, you can’t see. You can build up other makeup with other products, but a base is the easiest way to go. The four shades in the basic B are brown, foundation-ish, peach and gold.

Shadow: This is where the magic happens. shadows enhance your natural beauty, but make sure you blend well, or else they can make you look washed out or puffy. When using an eyeshadow, make sure it goes on evenly.

Highlights: These are the final touches and will make you look gorgeous! Highlights are where the magic happens. The best thing about highlighting is that they bring out your natural beauty, without making you over do it. The shades in the basic B are silver-white, golden-white and light gold.

When applying makeup, make sure to first dab some on your face, to get rid of any stray bits. Next, apply the foundation over your entire face, paying special attention to your neck, chest and jawline. The rule of thumb is that your makeup should cover your entire head and jawline, and should make you feel like you’ve got a coat of paint on your face! After that, you can put on your eye makeup and lip gloss.

For added emphasis, line your eyebrows, if you’re using one. If you’re not smudge some on the area below your chin, to give your face definition. Once you’re finished, dab on some eye makeup and apply some blush to your cheeks.

There’s one last thing to look for in your basic B: symmetry! Every curve of your face should be balanced by at least one curve on either side of your head. Otherwise, you’ll look like you have extra points. Your eyes and eyebrows should be shaped in the same manner as well, giving you a balanced look.

That’s it! A little makeup and you’re all set. Now all you have to do is get some sleep, eat right and keep hydrated. You’ll look good every time.

It’s important to choose the correct shade of foundation, especially if you’re trying to create a natural look. As I said earlier, there are many options, so you don’t need to stick to what you see in magazines. Choose a shade of foundation that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. Make sure to purchase the foundation in the shade that matches your natural hair color, too. If you have blonde hair, make sure you buy foundation in a blond color.

Get a few pairs of contrasting socks to use as a guide when you’re applying your foundation. You may need to test a few out before you find the best match. The foundation doesn’t come with a bunch of different shades, so you’ll need to make sure yours match. Don’t get the mistake of applying too much foundation, as it tends to make your complexion look blotchy. Too much can even make your skin appear dull.

Now for the trick! Apply the foundation so that it goes on smoothly and doesn’t just mask your blemishes. Using your sponge, lightly sponge over your entire face, starting from your jaw line, going to the tips of your fingers. Use your other hand to spread the foundation lightly in small circles all around your face, making sure to blend well.

Wait three minutes. That’s all it takes to give your skin a flawless look. After the three minutes, apply some powder and lightly rub in some loose black wax. This will help to even out your skin tone, which is the foundation’s biggest problem. Black wax helps to even out your skin’s pigment. If you’re getting blemished areas, use the wax in the exact areas to even them out.

Finish off with a layer of powder. The last thing you need after applying the foundation is to keep it on! Use a cotton pad to dab away excess wax, and don’t forget to apply some powder around your nose and in the corners of your mouth. Now your foundation should be ready to go, so go ahead and show everyone your new confident glow!

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