Bella Hadid Bodyguard – From Model to Fashion Superstar

Bella Hadid is the latest designer to join the wave of celebrity designers who have been taking the fashion world by storm. She has established herself as one of the leading fashion designers in London, specializing in high-end and ethnic couture. This is evident in the many magazines that have featured her designs, and in the numerous awards that she has won for them. Bella is best known for creating ethnic and high-end menswear. Her clothing is often worn by celebrities as well as the public and is designed by top designers such as Alexander Wang and Vivienne Westwood.

Bella Hadids Bodyguard Is the Real Style Star of London Fashion Week

Not only is Bella covered in jewels, but she is also known for her killer style! Her latest creations have women circling everywhere, seeking out the garments that will complete her look. Each design is a piece of art and has a stunning detail that will leave you speechless. And of course, her clothing isn’t just designed to look great on the human body, but also on your face!

If you were to take a photo of Bella at her rehearsal dinner, what do you think your portrait would look like? (Hint – don’t try it the next time you’re shopping for a dress – you’ll end up having to buy another one!) Well, her dinner date might look more like a picture taken by a Hollywood photographer! Bella’s looks are inspired by Hollywood glamour, and this can be seen in the elegant dresses which she wears on the red carpet. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a formal dress, or something more simple, she will have one to fit your exact tastes. The best thing about her designs is that they are truly unique – there’s no one else offering similar styles, and that’s what makes Bella Hadid Bodyguard the real fashion star of London Fashion Week.

As a matter of fact, Bella has designed herself as an exclusive and very specialised brand, and her own label – Bella Hadid. But of course, it’s not her name on the label, but rather, her initials. And when you see Bella’s clothing, whether it’s in a store or online, or even if you buy yourself an article of Bella clothing to wear, you will instantly recognise this brand. Of course, it will have all of the best elements you would expect from a designer label: beautiful fabrics, eye-catching colours, and above all, the ever-present sparkle.

Bella started as a 16-year-old teenager going through puberty. She was popular with her friends, and naturally had her heart set on following her dreams. She knew that one day she would become a celebrity, and that it was only right that she was prepared to do everything in her power to make that happen. She studied fashion at college and discovered her true love for the industry when she interned in New York City covering fashion for Vogue magazine. After that, she trained for four years at the London School of Fashion, before starting her own fashion consultancy.

Bella started her career working as an assistant to the fashion guru, Christopher Kane. She worked with him for two years, before heading back to London. This time, however, she was working as a contract model and was paid a pittance for the work involved – however, Bella was determined to use this experience to ensure that she knew exactly what she was doing when she went back to London. She wanted to be paid as well, if not much more, than she was while working under Kane. She made an impressive return to London, this time as an in-house photographer, before she moved into the world of fashion photography full-time.

Bella’s next move, once she was fully-established as a celebrity was to get herself signed to a reputable agency, allowing her to build up her clientele and establish a stable, high profile business. The agency she decided to sign up with was SMM, though she was only in it for the money – Bella had no idea what it was going to be like. She signed with them as a celebrity fashion advisor, to work alongside her good friend, Simon Leisner. Soon after this, Bella discovered that her client list included everyone from Tom Cruise to Sir Elton John, and that she had a lot of work to do if she ever hoped of becoming a celebrity.

A few years later, Bella decided to launch her own clothing range, initially focusing on maternity wear. Bella knows exactly what it’s like to be a working woman, and knows the frustration of shopping around endlessly for designer labels without getting the styles she wants. Bella also knows what it’s like to deal with photographers and has a great way of describing the process in her own words: “walking into a room with a list, staring at a computer screen – nothing remotely resembling what’s on the label”. Bella had gone from a career in modeling to owning her own company, and now she wants to share her knowledge with women who want to look their best, but can’t necessarily afford expensive clothes. Bella is smart, charming, talented and totally genuine, and she wants to share her knowledge by being bossy and demanding yet helpful – in a slightly manipulative way, of course. Her own website even boasts “insider interviews” with other famous people including Sienna Miller (the former Miss Slovenia), Pamela Anderson (the former Pamela Anderson) and Kate Moss (a celebrity most associated with glamour).

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