BellaNaija Weddings Presents Elegant and Eco-Friendly Wedding Trends For 2021

BellaNaija Weddings presents sixteen amazing wedding trends for the next gonzo year! This year, we’ll see many new nuptials taking place. Couples are choosing tradition over trendy trends, and history over celebrity. They’re making their vows on real life farms and beaches, not on some high-priced celebrityidal duvet or floral pillow in a window. They’re using traditional elements, like a lace veil, handcrafted wood wedding jewelry and matching bouquets and flower arrangements.

BellaNaija Weddings presents 16 Wedding Trends For 2021  BellaNaija

This year, we will see a new generation of couples who are redefining tradition. A growing number of couples are choosing traditional European themes for their nuptials. These couples are opting for vintage design, or even going back to the roots of European architecture with a rustic, barn-style or old-world charm. They’re re-creating European inns and castles, even recreate the charm of a medieval banquet with live bands and wine, cheese, fruit and wine. And it’s all being done with one-of-a-kind custom furnishings.

In Italy, couples are selecting traditional Tuscan tables and chairs for their nuptials. They are using Italian antiques for their decorations, which will have real texture and depth. Then, of course, there are the flowers. Bleeding hearts, long flowers and other traditional wedding flowers are being replaced by fresh-cut delights. The result is a beautifully presented table and atmosphere.

In Paris, floral motifs dominate the room. The color palette is heavily accented with rich burgundy, purples and emerald. Pastels and blue are also used extensively, giving the room a dreamy quality. In Milan, the bridesmaid dresses are knee-length, flowing dresses that echo their Italian counterparts’ style.

Wedding in the Bahamas is taking the styles and themes seen in Paris and Milan and making them contemporary. Flowers, crystals and exotic fashions are replacing the heavy drapes and satin as the new fashion staples. Beach weddings are now considered traditional and bridesmaid attire has been transformed to be more comfortable and versatile. As a result, the classic fashions seen in Europe and the United States are being replaced.

In San Diego at BellaNaija Weddings, guests will experience a traditional wedding feast, with open bar and live music. Live entertainment is the norm at this venue. For nuptials held at night, dance performances and band favorites keep the guests entertained. The newly renovated Hotel Intercontinental in Puerto Vallarta offers a unique fusion of Spanish and Mexican design, combined with a modern flair.

In San Diego at BellaNaija Weddings, the bride and groom can opt for a simple and traditional luncheon reception complete with traditional dishes and drinks. Or the couple can opt for something more unique such as a five-course meal with twenty-six different courses. Or the couple can consider a more casual event such as a garden party or karaoke. Or they could choose something in between – something in which both styles are brought together.

BellaNaija Weddings is a website designed for brides and a venue where it makes perfect sense to get married. They provide detailed descriptions of the sixteen wedding trends that they present. They also offer articles on how to plan a wedding, photography tips and advice on honeymoons and bridal etiquette. Their sixteen wedding trends include everything from eco-friendly weddings to personal celebrity weddings.

The green trend is taking over the bridal industry, this season. With many bridal magazines now advocating green wedding themes, the green theme has found it way into many venues. Bridal shops are featuring green decorations such as large red, green and white roses. The trend is being driven by eco-friendly couples who want to reduce their carbon footprint. These weddings are a great example of how a bride can make a long term environmental impact while still enjoying an extravagant celebration. Green style weddings are a great idea for environmentally conscious brides who want to celebrate their nuptials in style.

The concept of a ‘green’ wedding is about being environmentally friendly, whilst at the same time using eco-friendly products and services. The idea is to create a unique wedding that is environmentally friendly but is tasteful enough to be appealing to all those guests. This is why the bridal magazines are now encouraging the new bride to use green accessories and ideas when planning their big day. Green designs can include using organic silk flowers rather than regular flowers, refusing to use disposable items such as plates and tablecloths, and buying non-woven wedding cloth which is made from natural materials. Of course these are just a few of the suggestions that are on the rise in the green wedding industry. It seems as if there is always something new and upcoming in this exciting sector.

The BellaNaija websites are all about green weddings and green design. There are articles on eco-friendly decorating, how to design a sustainable wedding and practical information such as where to buy the green fabrics for your ceremony. They also have a huge amount of information about how to make your wedding a green success. BellaNaija Weddings present sixteen wedding trends for 2021, which includes sixteen different green design styles and sixteen eco-friendly themes to choose from.

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