Best Celebrity Bodies: Your Favorite Stars Hit the Beach

Best Celebrity Bodies Your Favorite Stars Hit the Beach

It’s not difficult to find pictures of the most famous celebrities – but it can be difficult to find a beach body that fits! Summer is the most photographed time of year, and millions of magazine covers are snapped in the sun, on the beach, or by bikini-clad strangers. But what do these celebrities have in common with each other, and how do they get the smooth, toned bodies we admire so much? Here are some secrets for beach body sculpting that even your favorite star may not be aware of.

Everyone has seen Angelina Jolie’s body as she stands next to her husband Brad Pitt on the beach in Malibu. Many people have been inspired by their own bodies and strive to look like Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt’s has always been one of the most lauded beach bodies in Hollywood, and women have tried (and sometimes failed) to get the look that so many desire. One reason for this may be his personal trainer, Lisa Lyon. She has been a major influence on Pitt and continues to advise him on what type of body type he should strive for.

Other actors with beach body sculpting in mind include Pamela Anderson, who often models for swimsuits that promote a more toned appearance. She has been criticized, however, because her actual physical appearance isn’t as sleek as some of her photos show. For this reason, she has never had a beach body, although she has done plastic surgery to tighten her skin. And while her personality is definitely beachy, she appears far more delicate than other stars whose bodies are shown proudly on magazine covers.

More traditionally sexy models are the tennis star, Serena Williams. Her career-defining match last season against Kim Clijsters reminded us how effective beach body sculpting can be, even for competitors who prefer to stick to the treadmill and lift weights. Serena’s trainer, John Butler, has worked with her for years, and the results are clear. When Serena plays tennis, she is able to move freely and use all muscles of her body. This helps her to generate power that allows her to hit volleys, serve long shots and return them. If Williams wants to maximize her athletic capabilities, she needs to do what Serena does, and get a big, firm tummy.

Angelina Jolie has a beach body because she likes to spend her free time getting in shape. Like Williams, she exercises on a regular basis to stay in shape. But unlike Williams, who probably would have been more satisfied with a flat stomach, Jolie instead goes for a six-pack. The secret to her six-pack is the combination of proper dieting and beach body sculpting. If you want to achieve similar results, start by following the same program that Williams uses.

Although many of today’s models and celebrities are happy with their beach body, not all of them are happy with their overall appearance. For example, when singer Pattaya Puama released her first CD after being plastic surgery, many criticized her appearance because it was very different from her previous appearance. In fact, many people commented that she looked like a man! However, many people who saw her concerts and album said that she looked great, and her fans were pleased with her new look.

If you want to tone your abs or build muscle mass, consider the best celebrity bodies. It is possible to achieve these results without spending thousands of dollars at a gym. Instead, you can learn some effective ab workouts that will tone your stomach muscles and build strength and stamina. A good program will also include cardio exercises to improve the body’s metabolism. Once you get started, you can improve your looks and even see an improvement in your body language.

Beach body sculpting can improve your confidence and self-esteem. Today, more celebrities are choosing to join the bandwagon. If you have been considering sculpting your body on the beach, you should try out the best celebrity bodies. Learn how to get the results you want by following the right instructions and incorporating them into your routine.

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