Bill Medcalf – The Artistic Career of Bill Medcalf

Bill Medcalf and Corin Hardy have been at the forefront of the pin-up girl genre for over 25 years now. Bill started designing and manufacturing pin-up girls back in the mid-seventies and has since focused his efforts on the ever-growing niche market that exists online today. His company, Bill’s Fine Art, strives to bring you high quality pin-up girls that are original and have a lot of personality. His art work is inspired by pin-up girls from all over the world and Bill specializes in girls only designs.

Many people will be shocked to learn that Bill only focuses on girls’ pin-up art. He does not create concepts or characters from these pin-up images. The main purpose of Bill’s creations are only to provide pin-up girls with high quality art works that are made specifically for them. Bill’s creations also contain only the best materials and designers around. This ensures the durability and integrity of the final product.

The designs that Bill offers are all original and have never been altered or combined with other images from other people. Each image is carefully selected to suit the desires and preferences of Bill Medcalf. These designs come in a variety of different styles, shapes, colors and fabrics to suit the preferences of every lady who will avail of the products. Bill’s designs are also made using the most modern and up to date computer aided design technologies that are used today. This assures customers that their money will go straight to the production without having to worry about anything.

Bill’s business started when he was hired as an artist to create pin-up girls for a clothing store in California. Later he decided to take it to the next level and opened his own pin-up girls’ clothing line. He has since gained a lot of fans all over the world. Bill enjoys creating designs that appeal to a wide array of people. His designs are humorous, beautiful and above all they are all original.

There are many companies and designers who offer cheap products at low prices, but they cannot provide customers with designs that they want to see. Bill’s work is very popular all over the world and customers can buy many different designs from many different sources at the same time. They do not need to visit several websites in order to find the exact design that they are looking for.

Bill Medcalf has created many different images of pin-up girls. All of these images have been seen in various places and his work has been shown in many movies and commercials. Bill has even been interviewed on many television programs and has been interviewed by magazines. His popularity is very important to understand when you are talking about the subject of pin-up girls and their appeal. Bill is very open about his feelings and likes and dislikes about the female pin-up image that he has created over the years.

Many different fans of Bill have created their own works of art in tribute to the famous artist. Bill’s image is available to anyone who is willing to do so and he welcomes all who are eager to share their talents with him. Bill is very open about his sexuality with many of his fans and will even allow fans to use some of their ideas in their artwork.

Bill’s images are available for download from many different websites. These images are free to use as long as they remain unaltered. Bill also has created many bookmarks for those who would like to print out a set of very large custom made pin-up images. Bill is open to requests from fans and asks that they be kept private and not sold to any third parties. There are many talented people who create original works of art in homage to Bill Medcalf and many of them are able to sell these works at a profit.

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