Bob Marley Statue – Just What Is Bob Marley’s Spirit Doing On A Statue?

Bob Marley Statue Unveiled in Ethiopia

Bob Marley was born in Jamaica and raised on a ship off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. He formed the band that became known as the “Ferry Musicians” and released their first single, “Don’t Talk To Strangers”, in December of 1974. The single has gone on to become one of the biggest selling singles in the history of the music industry. Bob Marley’s career spanned four decades, from the time that he was just 16 years old, playing fiddle in the streets of his hometown to his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2021. He finally retired from the music industry in 2021.

The Bob Marley Statue is a representation of this legendary musician and entertainer. The statue depicts Bob Marley in full regalia, which consists of a regal blue robe, a waistcoat of corduroy, and golden earrings. The statue itself is made out of porcelain and is one of a kind, having been created over fifty years ago by a carpenter and craftsman from Mississippi who was commissioned by Bob Marley to build him a statue. Marley originally requested that it be made out of solid wood, but the carpenter managed to find an expert to craft a replica of the original which he then placed in a garden in Gros Islet.

The statue has undergone several changes through the years. The original statue was made out of copper, but it was found to corrode too quickly so it was replaced with an aluminum version. It was then painted with a gold tone to make it look more authentic. The original statue was made in three pieces and so was carved into various recognizable shapes, including a U, an L and a T.

Today, you can choose from numerous different versions of the Bob Marley Statue. One of the most popular is the “Lion King”. It depicts Bob Marley in the regal lion King costume, standing proudly amongst a group of other animals. It is sculpted out of solid white marble and stands on its own pedestal just like the original.

Another option is the “Shake Your Soul” Bob Marley statue. This particular statue depicts the reggae king in all his reggae garb, standing on top of a pyramid made out of polished cement. It stands on a steel tripod and is made out of thick acrylic material. It also has a glass front plaque that features an image of Bob Marley’s face.

If you are looking for a Bob Marley figurine that is not made in the shape of a man, there is no problem either. There are plenty of female figures that have become synonymous with Bob Marley’s music, including a sexy Jamaican flapper and a pregnant lady with a baby in her arms. Some of the most famous women that enjoy the reggae singer’s wares include Queen Latifah andista, as well as R&B diva Layla. Regardless of what you choose, you will surely be able to find a perfect replica of the infamous reggae king.

Bob Marley was so much a part of his audience’s lives that many companies have commemorated his life and career in metal, and figurines. The most popular of these statues is the Bob Marley figure made from steel and acrylic material mold. His trademark dreadlocks has been faithfully recreated. Other replicas are made from wood and have an artistically authentic look and feel to them that only the artist could create.

Bob Marley himself would be proud to see his name being made into a statue. He would be even more pleased to see it lining the driveway of a car dealership. For now though, you can have the opportunity of owning one of his statues, and you can have it all made to your specifications. All it takes is a bit of creativity and you can create the perfect statue for yourself. Whichever direction you go, it is a truly unique way to show someone exactly how much you admire them.

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