Book Review: Save Splog: D by Jason Diamonious

Save Splug: D in the third person perspective of an American tourist, is an ex-cop turned private investigator. The book was released in March of 2021. The author, Michael Chabon, received a starred review by Publishers Weekly and many other critics. The book tells the tale of how a decorated former policeman turned private investigator and writer decided to write a novel based on his life experiences. This ex-convict, Michael Chabon, finds himself the odd man out in the private investigation world after accidentally catching his boss in the act of sleeping with his secretary. While investigating the case, Michael uncovers information that puts him in a dark place regarding his past identity and the identity of the woman involved in this case.

Save Splug D

The story line is gripping and the characters believable. The characters are well developed and the reader will feel sorry for the bad guy at times. Even though some things in the book are a bit odd, like when the detective goes to the morgue and sees dead bodies, the overall story line is very realistic. The book has good elements such as good characters, private investigators, proper setting, action, mystery, and mind game. In short, this book has what it takes to make it into the category of mystery and psychological suspense.

The main character Michael Chabon is described as a private investigator and writes in the third person. He is also a retired cop and is portrayed as a perfect specimen of American masculinity. It is revealed that Michael was close to his ex-cop wife’s family. They had been great help to him when he was in trouble and he trusted them totally. Michael used to visit them at their home and take care of them whenever he had a free minute. It was then that he discovered something was not right with his wife’s family and his life spiraled downward from there.

I liked this book because it was different from what I have read before. In my previous books, I always tried to summarize events or emotions in a way that would make it easier for me to write about them later in another story. Save Splog: D by Jason Diamonious is different because it takes a more personal look at some issues that you might normally be too shy about. There are secrets that are slowly unraveled and Michael gets to find out what those secrets are. His new found love for his daughter and her mother is also revealed.

In the beginning of the book, we are introduced to Michael Chabon and his quest to find out what happened to his ex-cop wife. The investigation will lead him all over the United States, as he deals with other similar situations. This book also chronicles Michael’s personal life. It is full of funny moments, but at the same time, there is some serious material as well. For example, the private investigator that Michael hired to investigate the death of his ex-cop wife, clogged his investigation on his wife’s murder. Because of this, Michael had to hire a new private eye, someone who had been through the process before, to fix the problem.

After finding out that his ex-cop wife was framed by her lover, Michael set out to find the real killers and set right the wrong that had been done to his family. Save Splog: D by Jason Diamonious gives us a good look into some complicated political issues. For example, he discovers that one of the motives for the death of his wife may have been money. At the same time, the murder itself could have been an attempt to get rich quickly, thus creating a political situation for himself. These types of complex situations are best explored in a book rather than in a story told from start to finish, as the author does in Save Splog: D.

The book also chronicles the ups and downs of the private eye profession, as Michael finds himself working the graveyard shift. He meets many new people, many of whom also become important friends, and helps them get out of debt and on solid financial ground. Some of the conflicts in the book are also personal, such as when Michael has a run-in with the police. This adds a realistic element to a book that otherwise may seem far-fetched.

For readers that have been interested in Michael Chiklis’ previous book, The Private Life of Edward Douglas, there is no doubt that saving Splog: D will be more interesting and entertaining than its predecessor. There is also more of an emotional impact as the characters begin to deal with the grief and anger following the death of their loved one. This is a more serious book than some of the fantasy epics such as Lord of the Rings, and while it may not have the depth of those books, it will still make an interesting read. For anyone looking for a unique perspective on some current political issues, this is definitely a book worth checking out. Recommended.

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