Celebrity Side Bangs

Our Favorite Celebrity Side Bang Hairstyles

Our Favorite Celebrity Side Bang Hairstyles comes straight from the pages of a magazine and is designed for those who are looking to try something new. One of the newest hairstyles that stars are sporting is the side bang. This look is simple and quick to do and is sure to be a big hit this season. The celebrities we have listed below are some of the best in the business. You will see why when you check out their celebrity side bang hairstyles below.

Jennifer Lopez As we all know, Jennifer Lopez is one of the best looking women in Hollywood. When she decided to get her hair cut, it was by a celebrity side bang salon in Beverly Hills. It was a very simple style that went great with her long hair. She looked amazing!

Jessica Simpson loves to get her hair cut and styled in different styles. This is what makes her very attractive to most men. This woman has a very beautiful head of hair and it comes in a variety of colors and textures. Jessica is always up to date on what kind of hair style she is getting but for a long time, she adhered to the “just got out of bed” look. We think it’s one of her best looks yet.

Britney Spears One of the biggest pop stars in the world today, Britney Spears has had a lot of hair disasters throughout her career. However, when she went through a bad hair day, it was no problem. She got back on track by hitting the gym and working out. After a long day of talking to the media about her hair, we are sure everyone had to agree that the side bag is back!

Jessica Alba Jessica has had hair disasters throughout her career as well. However, when she decided to get rid of her curly hair, she transformed herself into a new kind of beauty. With a celebrity side bang, she managed to get back the hairstyle that made her famous in the first place. Jessica Alba’s hair has changed numerous times over the years so it is hard to point to one specific time when she went through a bad hair day. Every time Jessica Alba walks out of the camera, people will be able to recognize her hair.

Ashlee Simpson One of the greatest stars of the Real World: seasons two, Ashlee Simpson has had many memorable hair days. Her hair is naturally brown and has a few layers. On some days, it looks great and on other days, it is totally disheveled. Ashlee’s celebrity side bang did not transform her into a new kind of beauty. It simply gave her the look of a woman who has always been a little crazy.

Pamela Anderson One of the most beautiful women on Real World: seasons eight, Pamela Anderson has had hair like no other. Even though there are a few hair pieces used during her appearance on the show, the look that is presented is totally different from what she would have done otherwise. As a matter of fact, it would probably have been better if she had just kept her hair natural. Pamela’s celebrity side bang did not change the way people saw her. Instead, it just helped her appear even more stunning.

Janet Jackson Our favorite celebrity side bang ladies, Janet Jackson has had some seriously bad hair days. Her bad hair days are often referenced by people who are not really her fans. As with any woman who has given into the “fad” of celebrity hairstyles, Janet Jackson was able to take a lot of criticism to keep the hair look that made her famous. Her hairstyle may be popular, but it is not without its negative points.

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