Choosing Modern Abayas

One of the most asked questions in recent months has been about the Modern Abaya. This article will try to address some of the questions from those who are curious about this trendy Islamic attire. What is the Modern Abaya? How does it differ from the Traditional Abaya?

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The term “Abaya” is derived from Arabic and means veil. Traditionally, a Muslim woman wears a long robe called a bay while men wear loose-fitting kaftans or loose pants known as sharia. Nowadays, many women opt for a style of abaya which combines these two elements, but in a modern context. The traditional abaya style leaves most facial skin exposed and leaves the hands and feet bare. This has led to questions about what can be considered feminine about this style, and about women being forced to wear an abaya in order to be viewed as acceptable and contemporary.

A new genre of abaya has emerged, one which combines aspects of both the traditional and modern styles. This new design features abayas with sleeves or even no sleeves. It incorporates certain characteristic features of bays which have been found appealing in traditional attire. It also attempts to replicate the appearance of the black abaya worn by dignitaries and royalty in days gone by. There are different types of bays available for this new design; the choice is left to the buyer.

This new abaya style borrows heavily from Western fashion. The abaya is typically longer than other bays, reaching up to the thighs. This allows women who would traditionally wear a shorter away to move around better in a modern away, without worrying about their sleeves getting in the way. Many modern designs include beautiful embroidery and other detailing.

The cost of this design depends upon the material used in its making. The most expensive ones are made from silk, but there are ones that are constructed out of light cotton. Cotton is also one of the more comfortable fabrics to wear, allowing one to feel more like they are wearing an actual bay. One should not feel as though they are being forced to wear something they loathe.

Another popular trend is to incorporate certain cultural colors into their clothing. Many women choose to wear abayas with prints of African geometric patterns, which are similar to those used in tribal art. These prints can be paired with gemstones, crystal, and other adornments to create a unique style statement. One can even use the colors of abayas to match the colors of their gemstones. These can include amethyst, ruby, emerald, and any other variety of precious stone that would be found in the African desert.

While there are no rules as to what type of clothing one should wear to match a modern away, it is safe to say that one should stay away from vibrant colors. Instead, opt for neutral shades, especially if one is choosing to wear an abaya with pants. As a rule, stick with earth tones for clothing and earth tones, such as browns and tans, for accents.

One of the most important aspects of choosing a modern abaya is to ensure that it is a proper fit. This may seem obvious, but it is actually easy to get caught up in selecting clothing based on appearance and ignore the importance of proper fit. A loose fitting abaya can make the wearer look larger than they actually are, causing the bay to stick out like a sore thumb. Properly fitting bays can help to keep the figure of the wearer flattering and well-proportioned. Finally, when choosing an abaya, it is important to consider the level of coverage provided. While there are many different styles and cuts of bays available, there is no reason that a woman should wear an abaya that does not provide adequate coverage.

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