Classes For DIY Blacksmithing

DIY Blacksmithing

Did you know that you can become a master blacksmith with just a few simple classes? And that learning can start as soon as today? Yes, now you don’t need to attend a fancy academy or live in a small town. You can learn how to make your own tools at home! Not only that, but these simple blacksmithing classes are also very affordable.

DIY Blacksmithing: Yes, you won’t be creating horseshoes in this class…but you will be working on many interesting projects! You’ll learn new techniques as well as how to make durable metals. You’ll also practice the skills you have already learned so that by the end of the course, you’ll be ready to begin blacksmith shops. This is a great way to expand your abilities as a blacksmith! Best of all, this class is taught by some of the best metal smiths in the world!

Steel forge blueprints: This class will teach you how to use forging equipment such as tongs, rollers, anvils and more. It will give you detailed instructions for making simple blacksmithing products such as knife blades and hammers. Best of all, the forge blueprints you will receive will be exactly what you need to create your own projects. You’ll see what kind of tools you’ll need, how much metal and what kind of alloy you should use. It’s really easy to follow along with this class.

DIY Blacksmithing Anvils: If you have an old-fashioned anvil you’d like to revamp, this is the class for you. The instructor will show you exactly how to make a steel anvil from scratch using only forge blueprints. He will cut through some rough things to get to the metal itself. Once the metal is smooth and flat, the edges will be finished off and the anvil is ready to use! This is a great class for the beginner who wants to try out a weekend of blacksmithing projects.

Making Your Own Aluminum forging anvil: This is a more involved but very rewarding class for experienced blacksmiths. You’ll be creating your own anvil from start to finish using the forge blueprints that you received in your DIY blacksmithing kit. This involves bending and welding pieces of aluminum and shaping them until they are smooth and rounded. The shape will be determined by you and the instructor will let you know when the right shape is already done. This is another way to learn from a professional and at the same time feel like you’re earning something for yourself as well.

How To Make Your Own Copper Working Tools: The skills you gain here will help you make beautiful and durable tools. Copper working tools come in many different sizes and types, making this a great class for experienced and beginner blacksmiths alike. Learning to bend and weld copper will help you create lovely and useful items for your DIY modern blacksmithing projects. All your basic copper working tools can be made in this class with or without any experience.

How To Make Your Own Hand Blanks: Even beginners in the DIY arena will benefit from learning how to craft their own handmade blanks. This class will show you the basics of creating a good-sized square from scrap wood or steel. After you’ve shaped the block and given it a rounded edge, you can shape it until you achieve the look of either glass or stainless steel. These blocks can be used for all of your future DIY blacksmith projects including earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, knife handles and more. After you’ve formed your blocks, you can finish them off by adding any engravings, painting or sanding before hanging them in a ring or chain.

Learn How To Make A Gas Or Electric Barbecue Grill: Here you’ll learn how to quickly and easily create a professional looking barbecue grill using simple tools. You’ll have everything you need including gas or electric barbecue tools and stainless steel wool. This is the perfect class for beginners who want to improve their barbecue skills. In addition to all the knowledge needed to master the art of barbecue grilling, you’ll also receive instruction on the best way to maintain your grill so it works properly.

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