Colorful Mehendi For Your Wedding

Mehendi Outfits beyond the Lehenga  Trendy Ideas for Hatke Brides

Mehendi is an art of tying beautiful folds of Mehendi that are mainly done in Bengali. These Mehendi designs are intricate and very beautiful that every time we see or wear them, we get mesmerized by their beauty and charm. And, it is not only the women of Indian origin who have become fanatics of Mehendi but even non-Indians have also shown great interest towards Mehendi designs. This is the reason why Mehendi designs have been greatly appreciated all over the world. The following Mehendi Tips will surely help you to enhance your love for Mehendi and add extra zing into your marriage!

These days, most brides have Mehendi on their wedding attire. And, it’s the Mehendi designs along with a carefully chosen Topaz jewelry that make their marriage ceremonies blissful. But, if you don’t have the budget for expensive Mehendi Designer Clothes, then it would be nice to follow this simple Mehendi tip for a more modest look on your marriage day. You can also try matching Mehendi Jewelry with your Mehendi Clothes too for a more subtle look. To give you an idea about how to match these two items, let us try to explore some of the stunning Mehendi Design Tips that can give you a more stylish look and at the same time, add more elegance to your marriage!

One of the most popular designs for Mehendi is the repeating pattern that creates a medallion-like V that is wrapped around the waist area. There are several different Mehendi designs that you can try out and the most famous one is undoubtedly the Bengali Mehendi designs that are in combination with Kundan Jewelry. In addition, you can also try getting Mehendi bangles and Mehendi clips to wear on your wedding day. In fact, for those couples who have opted for Kundan or Swarovski Jewelry as the precious stones for their Mehendi Bridal Jewelry, they can also be worn on their wedding day.

The next step would be to match the Mehendi Bridal Set with the Mehendi Jewelry. For instance, if you are planning to buy a Mehendi Necklace, you should try to find out the matching Mehendi Earrings too. To do that, all you need to do is to match up your Mehendi Bridal Set with some of the most beautiful Mehendi Earrings available in the market. This will be sure to add a lot of glamour and beauty on your wedding day.

Many people actually go for a Mehendi wedding, but they do not realize the importance of choosing the right color Mehendi. Actually, for an ethnic wedding, you can wear any color Mehendi as long as it is silver or gold. However, for traditional Indian weddings, it is important to select a specific color Mehendi, such as pink or brown, or any other shade that can suit the theme and the bridal attire. The brides with lighter skin can also consider wearing light Mehendi colors, which will definitely add some color on their wedding.

Many Indian brides choose to wear Mehendi as part of their wedding dress. There are many Mehendi styles, and so it is better to get some Mehendi dresses for your wedding. However, there are some Mehendi designers who only make Mehendi gowns, so if you want to wear a Mehendi dress, all you need to do is to ask them to make you a ready-made Mehendi dress. Since most of these designers also make other bridal wear, such as sarees, for example, you can also order their Mehendi accessories from them so that you can get the complete Mehendi look.

However, many Indian brides do not believe in using Mehendi as a part of their wedding decorations. According to them, Mehendi brings bad luck. In fact, many of them use Mehendi to mark their deaths on their auspicious occasions. However, it is believed by many that Mehendi brings good fortune and good health to the person who wears it. So, if you are not particular about having a Mehendi as a part of your wedding decorations, you can simply wear a Mehendi flower to mark your death on your wedding day.

It is important to note that Mehendi has many meanings in various parts of the Hindu religion. In fact, Mehendi is considered as a part of many marriages in India because it symbolizes the death of a love partner. Also, Mehendi is associated with different colors like red, white, and gold. Thus, it is a great choice as a part of your wedding decorations.

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