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Courteney Cox Long Hairstyles  Celebrity Hair Cuts

Courteney Cox has been an A-List celebrity for over 20 years now, but did you know that her hairstyles change every year? That is a lot of hair! The ultra-feminine blonde cut that Courteney wears is all the rage this year. Take a look at the stars that are sporting this style and you’re sure to be amazed. Below you will find some of the celebrity hairstyles that are hot this year.

Starring as herself in the new movie American Beauty, Courteney Cox takes a bold look. Her straight brown hair is cut in a choppy, yet bobbed up style. She rocks a pair of pigtails that are dyed green and set off by her signature wild colored earrings. Her fringe is straight, but the bangs are soft and frame her face beautifully. If you want to play up the red hair, then you might try a fuchsia or purple wig.

Jessica Alba is another tall, beautiful star with long, gorgeous hair. This look is simple, yet can be made complicated with different accessories. Jessica has the ability to make a simple ponytail into a chic party look. Just add some pomade and hair gems, and you have yourself a glam look that will make you the center of attention. Jessica Alba loves to play around with different styles, so you are sure to see some more of her crazy hair this year. You can even choose between a short chignon and long up for a unique look that is as glamorous as it is feminine.

Ezra Baah, who was born in Lebanon, is another celebrity with great hair. Ezra is a graduate of Brown University. Since making her debut on screen, she has won critical acclaim for her work as a performer and singer. Her long hair and gentle face are two features that help to make her an excellent choice for celebrity hairstyles. When it comes to cutting this style, the secret is to start at the bottom and work your way up. You can even use a curling iron to get some extra volume when you take a look at pictures opera.

Selena Gomez also has long hair, which she loves to show off. The cute face and long locks compliment each other well, making it easy to combine them into a cute and sweet look. Selena looks good in long hair, but even shorter styles are perfect for the green eyed monster. The secret to any good Selena Gomez look is keeping the look simple, but using a little bit of sparkle here and there. Her long locks are easily maintained, thanks to the moisture given by her natural makeup, and you can easily change the style when you want to.

Courteney Cox really knows her way around the media, being that she has been featured on so many different shows over the years. The blonde hair and blue eyes are just too much to be left behind, giving her the ability to be a star in all kinds of genres. Her long brown hair has been in fashion for a few years now, but the ultra-feminine cut and the sexy cut have made it an even more popular style for celebrities.

The next time you need some new long hairstyles for celebrity style, look no further than Jessica Alba. Jessica has long brown hair, which is perfect for any number of looks, from the cute college girl look, to a sexy up do. Long brown hair with some curl is always in style, as it is both soft and strong. With Jessica Alba’s long hairstyle, you can be sure to get plenty of attention from everyone you go to.

It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have or how you style it, there are plenty of great long hair looks for women out there. The trick is to find the right hair cut for your face and body type. If you don’t look good with long hair, then chances are you don’t have the face or body type that would look good for long hair. Also, don’t go for the first long hair style that you see, take your time and get the best look for you. Good luck on your search for great long hairstyles for women!

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