Crazy Rich Asians Review

Crazy Rich Asians is directed by Simon Beaufroy and was written by David Seidler. The movie is based on the life of American businessman Jack Lally, who was raised in San Francisco as an only child of Chinese parents. He was an educated surgeon and later went into business for himself, founding his own surgery centre in Hawaii. But when he encountered a social situation wherein some Japanese were aggressively taking over Hawaii’s bars, he felt like leaving his home country and traveling to Oahu to open a casino for locals only.

Thus began his journey towards the Asian continent. He travelled with his friend Mina, who was also from Hawaii. Together they fought discrimination in the hotels and they finally ended up in Hong Kong. This was where the story of Crazy Rich Asians takes place. They worked their way up until they reached the peak of their career and then they retired peacefully. It was during this time that Mina had her son Koi takes care of their daughter Maia.

The story kicks off after the pair boards a plane together and are shortly after their encounter in Bali. Mina dies of a heart attack while trying to give birth to Koi. In order to help him cope with the death of his loved one, she tells him that her late husband had buried their two children in their back yard. Mina dies trying to save a life but instead, opens a massive jar that contains millions of dollars.

Some time later, Koi buys the diamond ring that Mina owned but because of greed, he sells it to a Chinese businesswoman. Mina’s husband had told her that the ring should be owned by someone from her own background since she was the true-born owner. Because of this act, Mina’s untimely death triggers a chain of events that would change the lives of her two loved ones forever. Her untimely death also triggers the rise of crime throughout Oahu and Hawaii.

One reason why The Crazy Rich Asians is such a likable movie is due to the lead characters. Three original and talented actresses play the characters of Max, Ling and Yau. They have great chemistry together and convey their characters well. Their roles also showcases the strong bond between Max and his friend, Ling. Other supporting actors also perform exceptionally well.

The movie has some good sequences, but the acting does drag at times. The acting does not have a strong emphasis throughout the movie. The scenes do not move at a fast pace. Sometimes, slow motion scenes are used to create a suspenseful effect. This is not done intentionally though, the director simply wanted to create an effect that viewers would find interesting.

The movie is not very long. It usually takes you under an hour and forty minutes to get through the entire movie. The plot, although intricate, does not dive into the psychological aspects of the characters. The storyline is more centered on the love triangle that the characters revolve around.

Crazy Rich Asians is not like other Asian films. Its storyline does not follow a strict plot. There are some action sequences that are exciting to watch. However, for all its positives, I feel that it lacks the overall impact and emotion that a true story should possess. The movie is fun to watch but does not have enough substance to make me feel like I’m watching a true story. So, if you are a big action and suspense lover, this movie might be entertaining.

The main character in this movie, played by Jet Li, is played bycoon. He has been compared to Hollywood’s most successful actors, like Bruce Willis and Robert Downey Jr. Li is handsome and his role has been considered mainstream by many. Therefore, people expect him to have good acting skills and be a good leading man. He certainly has those skills, which are apparent from his excellent performance.

Crazy Rich Asians follows the story of Young Jack, who lives a very simple life in Hong Kong. He is wealthy thanks to his family business. One day, he receives a visit from an old friend from his past. When he learns that his friend wants to meet him in America, he gets very excited and decides to go alone there. Everything goes well until they are captured and thrown into prison.

The movie is not at all like the movies I have seen about Crazy Rich Asians. It is not like most Asian movies I have seen either. I thought it was a very good movie, with a great storyline and fantastic acting. All in all, this movie is a must-see film.

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