Creative Writing Prompts for Adults – Start With These 4 Ideas

Creative Writing Prompts for Adults

Are you a creative writer who wants to express your inner feelings through words but does not know where to begin? Are you looking for a way to find the words to express what is inside of you? It can be difficult when your English is not up to par; however, if you are willing to put forth the effort, you will discover that it is not all that hard.

Creative Writing Prompts for Adults can help you turn loose imaginations into words. You can turn these words into writing! As a professional zoologist living in an arid jungle in the Amazon, you soon find that new species of critter has been discovered. Which animal do you want to be and what animal do you want to be like? Now, if you could only live in any story you ever read, which story would that be and what character would you identify most closely with?

This same principle applies to writing prompts. The first step is to determine what type of story your reader is interested in. Is the story being told for entertainment or to learn something new? Are you creating a work of literature or a story for the purposes of self-expression? Once you have answered these questions, you can move forward in your creative writing prompt selection.

The first creative writing prompt I would like to give you is “At the Bottom of the World, Looking at the Sky.” This prompt was given to me by my student Jene. We were doing some research together on an ancient culture that lived in Indonesia. She asked me to describe a scene that she had never seen before. The scene she described was one from the past, but it stuck with me. It made me feel small and insignificant, like all hope was lost.

The second prompt is “A Blanket History of the West.” This prompt required that I use the language of storytelling in telling the history of the West. What do I mean by this? Well, just imagine that you’re going to visit a museum and sit on the floor, covering your head with a blanket. You’re not really seeing the world, but telling a story from your own perspective using the words of your captivating character. This is a great way to begin to learn how to tell a story and practice your storytelling skills.

The third creative writing prompt I would like to share with you is “The Night Comes When the Only Sleepers Are Dead.” This prompt asked me to imagine a scene where a group of people are lying in bed after hours of sleep. Their eyes are opened wide in terror as they hear the sounds of battle outside. Imagine a scream that never stops, until finally, silence.

The fourth prompt is “The Last Paradise.” I started this prompt by writing a scene in which a character is telling his or her death story to another character. I imagined this character’s death at the hands of the antagonist of the piece, but I wanted the reader to know that the character was going to die one way or another. I then started writing what I thought would be a sad ending to the story. It turns out that the writer who inspired this piece of writing actually wrote a book about how writers should end their stories, so I decided to follow his lead and kept my story short.

As you can see, writing prompts for adults are not that difficult once you know what kind of story you’re trying to tell. When you think about your own stories, try to envision what it would be like if they were true. Did the villain get caught? How would the protagonist react when he learns the truth? By answering these questions, and others like them, you will give yourself the foundation for a great story.

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