Diana Ross Style Icon – Vintage Photos Show Her Classic Look

There’s something wonderfully alluring about the image of a woman who, in the words of an old song, “ran away at the end of the day”. The Diana Ross Style Icon – Vintage Photos of Diva Diana Ross is a collage of the most famous fashion photographs of the legendary fashion icon – all taken by renowned fashion photographer, Arthur Young. A great many of these photographs were taken long ago, many before her famous run in Hollywood, many before her marriage to Richard Hamilton and yet all taken by someone whose work still commands appreciation. This book is dedicated to the late Princess Diana.

Diana Ross Style Icon  Vintage Photos of Diva Diana Ross

There are so many famous people whose styles have become part of the fashion vocabulary of the 21st century. And yet, there is something undeniably alluring about the style of a woman who lived many decades ago. This is why the publication of the Diana Ross Style Icon – Vintage Photos of Diva Diana Ross is so important. The woman in this book, who remains active today in her sixties, is a real classic case study. This publication brings to light not only the glamorous glamour of a famous celebrity who was so young that she was considered a fashion disaster but also the enduring personality that came behind her public persona.

We see here the real person behind the image of a beautiful young woman who would become the center of attention in her time and her life. There are the glamour and mystery that make the diva persona so alluring. But there is also the person behind the image of the “Diva”, and we see this in the photo collection that features many of the most famous photographs of Diana which took place over many decades. This is the essence of the Diana Ross Style Icon – Vintage Photos of Diva Diana Ross

The quality of this photo collection is exceptional. It is well made, the focus is on the details, and the overall theme of this photo collection allows us to see the real image of a celebrity that was so recognizable as the Diana Ross. Many people were very frightened when they first saw her and as a result there were a lot of rumors about her appearance and about her personality. People who did not even know her personally wrote about her in lurid terms which only served to add to her mystique. All that changed when she became one of the most beloved celebrities of the twentieth century.

This is the real Diana Ross. This is the real image of a famous celebrity who chose to live her life on the stage rather than behind the scenes. This is the real Diana Ross who chose to live the kind of glamorous life that many of us imagine only a movie star could have lived. This is the real Diana Ross who was not only famous for her movie career but also for her many writings and for the elegant style of dress she maintained throughout her life. And this is the Diana Ross who was the real personality behind the smile that she displayed for the cameras.

The style icons of the 1970s have all been long forgotten, except for a few names. Raquel Welch and Lucille Ball were two big names and they are certainly deserving of their place alongside the likes of Diana Ross and Lucille La Faye. We may never know what they would have achieved had it not been for their roles and for the roles they chose to play. However, it is certainly true that their performances were pivotal in paving the way for countless actresses to follow in their footsteps.

There are plenty of photos of the Diana Ross style icons – vintage and otherwise – and they show a classy woman, elegant in her bearing and at times even a little arrogant. However, there is no sign of ego in her makeup or her hairstyle. Instead, we see an intelligent person who could be called very clever. A woman with wide shoulders and an easy going attitude. That is because she knew her own beauty inside out and never acted like a star was demanded of her by directors and studio executives.

The styles they portrayed and the images they created in their work are as timeless today as they were decades ago. Their charm and appeal are still appreciated today. Their legacy lives on. In our day and age, it is easy to admire them for taking on such challenging roles and for turning out interesting and unique performances. It is also easy to appreciate their efforts to do so, and appreciate their art in other areas.

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