Did Cameron Dallas Throw Shade At Shawn Mendes Over This Taylor Swift Shout-Out?

Did Cameron Dallas and Signy Strokes get into a little trouble when booking some shows together? It seems that anything and everything can happen when you’re on stage together. That’s why so many audience members get out of shows complaining about being sore the whole time. Even with the two superstars, the crowd seemed restless at times. Can you blame them, when it’s supposed to be one of the best shows in town?

Can you blame the audience for getting out of hand at one of the most hyped-up shows on earth? Well, most of the complaints were directed toward the singer, who was trying to make her show a success. And while she did have her moments – like having the crowd ooh and aah with her performances, like launching off the stage into a duel of acrobatic routines, like catching the mic and doing a big dance number, like totally stealing the show with her rendition of “Wake Me Up” (not the best, but certainly memorable) – most of the crowd’s disinterest seemed to disappear by the end of the night. At least, that’s the general consensus.

There’s nothing worse than seeing your favorite performer up on stage, doing her best, and having everything go pear shaped the minute the show finally ends. But according to the Miami Herald’s David Gutman, Cameron Dallas apparently felt the need to send a message to the world with her response to the viral Taylor Swift video. According to the report, the R&B singer got into a heated discussion with Mendes on the microphone during a show in Los Angeles. According to the article, the two got into a “verbal disagreement” that started when Mendes criticized Dallas for not joining the recent Taylor Swift tour. Things reportedly took a turn for the worse when a security guard reportedly told the couple to “get out of the building,” prompting Dallas to allegedly scream at the guard and tell him, “I’m calling the police!”

It seems as though the verbal altercation came to an end when someone asked the two to leave the stage. After this, a melee broke out with everyone running from the stage as the couple walked off the stage. One person was seen trying to hit Cameron Dallas in the head as she walked off the video. The video ended when security guards came to help the singer and took her away from the venue.

It wasn’t long before fans were trying to find out the real story behind the outburst. Did Cameron Dallas just get upset because someone cut into her video? Did she get mad because someone cut into her video while she was on tour? Did someone just randomly come out to the stage and start throwing rocks at her? Did someone snap a picture of them doing it?

Whatever the case, the internet seemed to have no answer to the question of just what the singer was getting angry about. People were speculating that maybe she was mad because somebody spilled her coffee on her or maybe she was mad because Shawn Mendes showed up late to the video shoot. If you’re the type of person who can’t help but look for explanations for everything, you might have thought this whole Taylor Swift video incident was staged. But it wasn’t, and now people are wondering what caused Cameron Dallas to get so mad and act out in such a nasty way.

One fan told the website How Everyone Should Know About This that the entire Taylor Swift video was intended as a joke. However, Shawn Mendes does have a history of showing up late to videos and acting like a jerk. Plus, he’s not the only one, many artists have done it too. So it’s not like he is the only celebrity with a hard-on for Taylor Swift. So what does this mean for us? It means that we should all be really worried that Taylor Swift may have thrown shade at her friend Shonda Rhinestone.

She definitely ranted on the mic and didn’t find time to address the audience or take questions. But one must wonder how much anger did Cameron Dallas feel over this? Did she think shonda mendes had to stoop down to just get attention? Does shonda still have feelings for peroxide blondes? These questions remain to be answered, but one thing is for certain, if shonda didn’t get mad, we all probably would’ve heard about it long before now.

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