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Emma Watson is a famous British actress, model and writer who has wowed us all with her roles in Harry Potter, Crazy Heart and The Firm. She is best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. We loved her in this movie as she displayed great acting skills while still looking good at the age of 40. Below are some of our favorite Emma Watson photos from her many Harry Potter movies.

This photo shows Emma’s younger years and the period when she began to get serious about becoming a writer. She is wearing a beautiful blue dress, which really highlights her nice tan skin. The dress is in the original black and white color but also includes some other colors in the print. This is a great photo of a very pretty young woman. Her long brown hair is in a pigtail and she is smiling in the best Harry Potter way.

This photo shows Emma Watson with husband Michael Caine and their son Ryan. The mother is wearing a lovely red dress and the father is dressed casually. They are standing next to the famous River Thames in London. This is another great photo of a family enjoying a nice day out. The Watson family has also included their dog in the photo.

This is another photo that shows Emma Watson at work. She is wearing a navy blue jacket and trousers. She is sitting at a computer on her knees with a piece of paper in her hand. She is dressed casually but is also sitting behind the desk. The paper looks like a business card and is also carrying a pink pen.

This one is a fantastic image that shows Emma Watson at work in her Los Angeles office. This is in the same office as Judi Dench, who is an award winning actress. Her co-worker is wearing a blue shirt with white polka dots. The collar of the shirt is red but the inside is blue. The skirt of the woman is pleated but the man is not.

This is a great photo of Emma Watson with her friend Rachel Bilson. She is wearing a grey Jean jacket and has her hair done in pigtails. Rachel is wearing a beautiful little grey dress that matches the colour of the Jean jacket. Emma Watson can also be seen in the same shot wearing red, which is probably the colour she usually wears in films. This is also a wonderful image of Rachel with a cute dog named Lucy.

This one shows Emma Watson and Jason Statham who are both in action in a well know movie – Jason Bourne. Emma Watson is looking quite tough in a brown and black boho dress while Jason is in a navy suit. They are both wearing very noticeable jewellery – silver for Emma and gold for Jason. The gold bands on Jason’s ring finger match the bands on Emma’s engagement ring. This is one of the more popular jewellery combinations within the Harry Potter universe.

These are just a few of the photos that were taken at the 2021 Red Carpet event in Hollywood. Emma Watson was also there along with Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Aniston, Meryl Streep, Celine Dion, Oprah Winfrey, Sal Mineo and Boy George. The photo shoot was a fantastic experience for the actors and fans alike and these red carpet photos will provide many fascinating memories for many years to come. Enjoy the photos of the red carpet here.

Emma Watson and Jennifer Aniston are the current lovely couple and the very first black and white couple to star together in a major film franchise. They have a son called Isaac together, which became the impetus for the series of Friends. The red carpet photo of the happy couple includes an impressive amount of kissing and a lot of cute poses by the two actors. The two girls had their own small dog, accompanied by a male Chihuahua, in the background. Their son appears to be around eight years old.

Anne Hathaway is perhaps best known for her roles in the romance Who’s The Guy, Round On, Crazy Heart and her starring role in the award winning The Reader. Her appearance at the red carpet event was also notable because she has just gained back her leading role in the Believe franchise as Effie De grace. For those who may not know, Effie is one of the main characters from the first movie of the series. She also spent a large period of time in rehab after being in rehab for the cheating scandal that nearly ruined her career.

Anne Hathaway is the current darling of the silver screen and she certainly makes an attractive and stunning addition to any red carpet. Her beauty and charm are sure to make her the focus of any attention. Her appearance at the red carpet photo of the stars is also the perfect opportunity for you to get to know Emma Watson. If you have not seen her yet, this will surely be the chance to do so. She is definitely the perfect person for the role and you will surely enjoy the film, as well as her performance.

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