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Burgh Island is one of those little-known British seaside towns that can have a huge influence on your holiday. It’s a beautiful open countryside and picturesque bay surrounded by cliffs, offering the perfect location for sailing, boating or fishing. You can find one of the most photographed destinations in Europe with its perfect weather, picturesque landscape and a wide variety of activities and events. One of the attractions of Burgh Island is that it is an absolutely no-fuss holiday where you can go and do exactly what you want, when you want.

Burgh Island An Art Deco Gem Just off the Devon Coast

If you’re thinking of spending your holiday doing something a little different than the usual, Burgh should be right up your street. A visit to the famous Burgh Yacht Club is definitely something to plan into your holiday. Enjoy an afternoon in the sun and maybe catch the last of the big fish that have been brought in for the club’s annual fish week. But if the day isn’t good, don’t worry: you can spend the evening dining out at one of the many fine restaurants that make Burgh one of the UK’s most popular seaside towns. The historic and active nature of the town means that you’re never far away from a chance to get involved in some activity.

As well as the opportunities to get involved in sport and culture, there’s also the opportunity to relax. Burgh is a small community just short drive from much of the rest of Devon and the rest of England. It’s perfectly located for access to the rest of Devonshire and the rest of the West Country, making it ideal for holiday makers and people working in central London. And Burgh itself is one of the best preserved villages in all of England. With a history dating back to the 12th Century, it really is little surprise that people here enjoy a rich, eclectic and fascinating heritage.

So if you enjoy a bit of culture and an appreciation of fine cuisine, there’s no reason why Burgh can’t live up to its reputation as one of the UK’s most delightful towns. The wide variety of things to do on the Island include visiting Stonehenge, which is well worth a visit whether you’re a keen enthusiast or simply looking for a great opportunity to get a glimpse of some exciting pre-historic rock work. The Witch Thing is another fun way to spend an afternoon, as are the many other exciting attractions including the amazing Bettys Bank. If you’re looking for more serene surroundings, try The Hanging Gardens of Staffordshire, or maybe you’d prefer to take a walk through some of the most beautiful countryside you’ll ever see!

Once you’ve taken in all that Burgh has to offer, why not top up your holiday with a visit to one of its many art galleries? There’s a strong tradition in this part of the world, with many famous British artists have lived and worked here throughout the centuries. If you’re looking for something a little quieter, there’s a lot of opportunity to enjoy some wonderful countryside up for grabs. Take in the spectacular scenery and take a walk in some of the wooded valleys. If you prefer to tour, why not visit one of Burgh’s fine museums? There are many to choose from, including the National Gallery, the Science Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the British Museum.

When it comes to art, Burgh has plenty of great talent. It’s home to the award-winning painter Sir Peter Hall, and if you’re a keen fan you’ll love his work. You’ll also be able to enjoy a wide selection of art works, including annual exhibitions, travelling exhibitions, and more. If you’re into nature and wildlife, then you’ll definitely want to pay a visit to Burgh Seal Sanctuary, where you’ll be able to observe a very unique population of seals huddle together in their underwater habitat. You might even witness a rare pelican or even a humpback whale! There are many other fascinating things to see and experience on Burgh Island.

As for the nightlife, you’ll find lots of interesting things to do on Burgh Island during the night. There are a number of interesting events happening around the island throughout the year, including summer festivals, music concerts, family shows and more. You’ll even find the odd street party going on! There are also a number of hotels on the island that will offer you fantastic deals on the type of accommodation you need while on holiday. You’ll be able to find all sorts of different types of accommodation, including self-catering, bed and breakfast, holiday cottages, villas, self-contained apartments, townhouses and more.

Overall, Burgh is a great place to take a holiday with your loved ones, as there are many different things for everyone. If you want a relaxing break, then there’s nothing like spending some time at one of the local holiday parks. If you’d rather go out to explore, then you’ll easily be able to do so by taking in a concert, theatre production, or a film festival. If you’re looking for somewhere to unwind, then why not try a spa day? You’ll easily be able to find some amazing local resorts and spas to relax in after a day of touring the island. Whatever you’d like to do on Burgh Island, you’ll easily be able to find something to do if you plan ahead.

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