Fall Wedding Trends to Wow Your Guests

8 September marks the day when the most important hair color trend of the year comes to a close. Once the summer ends, and autumn sets in, we move on to the next big thing. It’s the fall of the winter hair color trends. So it’s time to start thinking about your red highlights, your dark brown highlights, and your silver highlights. Let’s explore some of the trends that will be in style this autumn.

The bold color trend is back with a vengeance this fall. Long, dark hair in solid colors such as black, gray or dark blue is in. You’ll also find it in the longer styles like the buns and the French twist. The trend may be back, but this time around it’s not just hair color you’re going to be dealing with.

This is a multi-tasking look. You’ve got long, gorgeous hair in black and deep charcoal, then add a colorful scarf or a lace headband. This combination can be worn every day. You can use it to make either a sophisticated or sassy statement. It’s definitely the perfect complement to your stylish autumn coat and jeans.

What about a beautiful fall wedding dress? Yes, a bride should always look good, but a gorgeous dress should add that final touch. This season, women are really ditching the long skirts for the shorter, sleek ones. The shorter length makes it easier to add a colorful choker or hair accessory. If you have natural wispy hair, this may be the perfect option for you.

Purple is a gorgeous fall color. Think of the deep purple hue that accents the fall leaves. Add purple accessories like purple ribbons or purple headbands. If you want something a bit more subtle, use a little black lace to create an asymmetrical layered look.

Do you need some serious color fix for your locks? Then, a purple down style might just do the trick for your autumn-winter styles. Layered, you can use a large bow at the crown for added flair.

These days, we’re also seeing some pretty funky and fun ways to wear our hair up. From buns to upskirt and tousled styles, there are plenty of options. Have fun experimenting! Purple hair is beautiful on its own, so to make it even more fabulous with these fun, flirty up-dos.

Purple hair is fabulous for a day out or a night on the town. Whatever your style, you can find the right purple shade for you. If you are going out, why not try a chic up-do featuring lots of purple feathers? For a nighttime party, you could turn your purple tresses into a glamorous, devilish style with a wide ribbon or barrette. Whatever you decide to do with your purple hair, you will definitely be happy with the result. Purple just seems to say autumn, don’t you agree?

Brides love purple, and if you are getting married in the fall, why not add it to your bridal ensemble? One terrific idea for your fall wedding is to get a sash of color that drapes over the back of the dress. This sash can be made from a wide variety of materials such as organza, lace, velvet, cotton, and satin. It can come in a single tone (soft purple for fall), or in a multi-toned fall color to match your bouquet. Any style will look gorgeous on you as you step out on to the aisle.

The sash can be worn as a standalone piece on its own or you can tie it in with a bouquet of fall flowers. This would be a fantastic finishing touch for any style of wedding and you can easily find one to suit your own personal style. If you opt for the bouquet, think about how you’d like to incorporate the color into the flowers you choose. A mixture of pale pink, burgundy, bronze, and cream would be gorgeous. For a fall wedding, think about a rich burgundy silk bow on a pair of delicate white gloves that you’ll wear down the aisle.

Your hairstyle for the day should be in keeping with the rest of your fall wedding look. You can show off your gorgeous new hair style with a chic up-do, or you can keep it simple with a chic boho style. Either way, you’ll look absolutely gorgeous!

As you can see, there are many fall trends that can be used to create the perfect wedding. Your hairstylist can help you design a look that will flatter your natural beauty and highlight all the beautiful fall styles that you’re wearing. Use these fall tips to make yourself look stunning on your fall day.

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