From Rising Country Singer to Pop Star: Taylor Swift

From Rising Country Singer to Pop Star Taylor Swifts 14Year Evolution in Pictures

Taylor Swift is a master of the role of an entertainer and she definitely has proven it with her many tours and accolades. She has been nominated for Grammys and she’s known for being able to sell out arenas and rooms, even when the weather is not nice outside. From rising country star to pop star: Taylor Swift has proven time again that she knows how to get the job done.

As a young woman, Taylor Swift was more or less on her own as far as an entertainer goes. She made her first records at an early age, when she was still attending school. Swift has also studied theater and design, which paid off later in her career. From” Taye Diggs”, “Red” and” Schultz Family Band” to “Love Story” and “Saturday Night Fever”, Swift has given us many memorable songs throughout her career. She has also been nominated for Grammys and has built a reputation as one of the most versatile and talented stars in music.

Growing up in Texas, Swift has spent much of her childhood and young adulthood in the area. Her most popular songs have often been about her home state. For example, in the song” Lose Control”, she sang about being stuck in traffic in Houston and her frustration with the country song “The Old Man’s Gone”. Her frustration with her parents and the country music industry as a whole can be seen through the lines in this song.

Taylor Swift studied music theory while at college. This allowed her to develop a deep understanding of song structure. From this, she has honed her craft and become one of the most skilled pop lyricists in the business. As she once said: “I learned to write by counting backward from four to three.”

Taylor Swift also had some trouble finding work when she was a country girl. This is surprising considering the success she has enjoyed since breaking into the music industry. Many country musicians had to go from one small-time country record deal to a major label deal to continue making their music. Swift has had the same experience.

Swift has not always been open about her personal life, though she has released several songs that speak on her love affair with honesty. She speaks about her boyfriend in one song and refers to her mother as a name that she coined. Swift has admitted that she has been struggling with how to talk about love in the public eye. In an interview with The New York Times, she discussed the pressure that comes with being a pop star. She admitted that many young girls look up to her because she is so good looking.

Swift has also made several waves in the music industry. She has managed to put several songs on the chart in the past few months. Her first major hit, Fearless, was released a few weeks ago and is still the most popular download. Swift is set to release her second album this year.

If you want to follow Taylor Swift to the top of the country music charts, look no further than Fearless by Taylor Swift. Swift’s latest effort will likely be sitting on the chart for quite some time. This is probably not the last we will see of Taylor Swift either. Her next four albums are all sure bets for the top spot. So if you are ready to embrace the pop princess, Taylor Swift is ready to show you. You can catch all her music on the Internet and on Taylor Swift’s website.

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