Fun Venture: The World’s Most Famous Celebrity Grave Yard by Keith Geddes

Fun Venture: The World’s Most Famous Celebrity Grave Sites is an informative, behind-the-scenes look at how celebrities die. Author Bridget Johnson offers a plethora of interviews with family members, friends, and colleagues about their favorite morbid rituals. Included in the book are the results of a survey conducted by Pop Spy magazine, as well as information about celebrity cremation services. The surprising truth is that many celebrities have no idea that they are being kept long after they die. They just keep putting off the inevitable, which can be heartbreaking for loved ones.

Fun Venture The Worlds Most Famous Celebrity Grave Sites

When writing, it is important to realize that death is never a happy event. While some people die from natural causes (diseases, illness, etc.) others die because of accidents, plane crashes, or suicide. It is through the experiences of those close to the deceased that we get a glimpse into their lives before they pass on, and Fun Venture: The World’s Most Famous Celebrity Grave Sites helps chroniclers discover the strange and macabre rituals that precede their untimely deaths. It is up to you whether you choose to believe the accounts in this dark comedy.

The book’s first half contains an introduction that traces the career and impact of John Travolta, from his early days as a teen star with Breakfast at Tiffany’s to his recent films. In addition to the richly detailed images of his films, the author includes a timeline of his life, as well as a listing of his films-with each film receiving a brief overview. Although the book covers only Travolta’s career, it is a fascinating glimpse into his world.

Following the brief intro, Fun Venture: The World’s Most Famous Celebrity Grave Sites chronicles the author’s quest to unearth the truth about the mysterious death of John Travolta. Investigating the death of a local actor, the author discovers an array of clues that complicate the case. Along the way, he is assisted by several other characters, including his brother, a former police officer, a traveling stage actress, and a real estate agent. Although the details may be familiar to fans of the movie itself, the author provides new information regarding events not seen in the movie, including the real motivation for the death and the possibility of a more sinister purpose. Following the death of John Travolta, a press conference is held to report the results of the investigation. Attendees include police officers, the funeral home director, and Travolta’s family.

Following the funeral, a second press conference is held, in which it is announced that an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death. Although Travolta is not present at the time, he sends his personal assistant, radar technician, and bodyguard to assist the investigating team. As foreseen by one of the characters in the book, a bomb explodes near the funeral home compound, killing one of the bomb technicians. Police discover that the deceased was in fact on a secret vacation to Costa Rica when the explosion occurred, although he had wired a device to explode as a diversion.

The third book in the series, Funeral Home Massacre, sees the investigation expand after the first few pages. It is here that we learn that the real reason for the vacation was a real estate deal gone bad – and that Robert Travolta is, indeed, the world’s most famous celebrity. A real estate executive is killed, and a press conference reveals that Travolta has been staying in a villa owned by his brother, Mickey. When a shoot-out takes place between police and the Travlota family, Mickey is killed.

Following the events in Funeral Home Massacre, Travolta again finds himself on the wrong side of the law, this time with a grave robbers’ pursuit into his own compound – and one more dead end. He is once again featured as a central character, though this time, he does not just get shot at; he gets killed. His body is found and exhumed, but a foul odor still lingers from the site, leading detectives Mickey and Kaye to believe that foul play is afoot. This book continues to be a great read, even 20 years later.

For fans of the Mickey Thompson mystery, you can probably relate to one or more of these stories. That’s not to say, however, that they are all the same; each one is a unique tale with a different resolution. In fact, after reading this collection, I felt like I had only read about half of the original book! The final scenes especially, are standouts, and will make any Mickey Thompson fan glad that he didn’t keep his story. Funeral Home Massacre, the third book in a long series featuring the most famous actor of our time, is sure to be a best-seller once it becomes available in paperback.

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