Gianni Versace – Victoria and Albert Museum

Gianni Versace is a world famous designer and her artwork is available for purchase in many art galleries around the world. The majority of her work is focused on women and young girls with a heavy emphasis on flowery nature scenes. Her style of painting consists of bold blocks of colour, with sometimes very few if any details. This is evident in her pop art, which has grown considerably since she first began portraying it in the nineteen eighties.

Gianni Versace  Victoria and Albert Museum

Some of her most well-known works include Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, Les Ballets du Maman, The Artist, Women and Music, Dance, Monogram, Garden of Eden, Starry Night, Hello Kitty Star, Kiss, Secrets, The Artist and many others. Her artwork is often displayed alongside other artists such as Picasso, Braque & Grisier, Cezanne, Warhol, Chihuly, Fauvism and others. She is also frequently displayed alongside Andy Warhol, who she often shared space with during their careers. Versace was married to Mark Spence who she produced a large amount of music with and they had a son called Ronald whom she also spent a lot of time with.

Giorgio Armani is well renowned for his modern art which has often featured in galleries across the globe. Although born in Italy, Giorgio Armani initially gained fame through his membership of the influential Futurist group of artists. Later he went into advertising, where he honed his skills in designing advertising campaigns for big brand names. Giorgio Armani styles are often very bold and many of his pieces have been seen in famous museums and buildings around the world including the Uffizi Museum in Florence, The British Museum in London, The Louvre in Paris, The Museum d’Automobile in Turin, The Museum of Modern Art in New York and The Science Museum in London. All of these were founded by Giorgio Armani.

Gianni Versace is often described as an ultra-fashion conscious stylist who loves clothes and is highly attuned to the latest styles in fashion. She has long been considered one of the most important stylists in L’Orient which she used to launch her career. She has designed for various major brands and has also designed for several top designers such as Dior, Celine, and Calvin Klein. As well as this she has designed for numerous small-scale companies and as a fashion adviser.

Although not directly related to the fashion industry, Gianni Versace has become very famous as a designer. She has designed many different pieces of jewellery, costume jewelry, hair accessories and beautiful cosmetics. Her jewelry collections often feature gemstones and metals in addition to other precious and semi-precious stones. Her clothing ranges from simple pieces of wearable art to luxurious and extremely detailed pieces. Her jewelry designs have been shown in many high profile magazines including Lucky for Lucky Girl and InStyle.

When it comes to art, Gianni Versace is not only famous for her jewelry, however she is also well known for paintings and photography. Her photography collection often features famous landscape shots around the world as well as personal images of her family and friends. Her paintings are also often highly detailed and depict some of her most loved subjects. Her favorite subjects include landscapes, but also include animal images, nature and portraits. She was also a long time fan of the art of photography and is now very proud of her contribution to the field.

Although Gianni Versace is not as highly regarded in the art world as Celine Dion, she has her own unique place in history. Her many art pieces can be seen throughout Europe and Asia and her work has often been showcased at the prestigious Venice Biennale and Louvre in London. Her work is widely admired both as a collector’s item and as part of a public art display. She has recently returned to Rome to cover the span of her career there with a series of installations in the Museo e Galleria Borghese.

Another of Gianni Versace’s most famous works is called Metamorphosis. It depicts a woman – here identified as a temptress – about to undergo a sexual encounter with a snake. However, instead of performing the act, the snake instead imprisons the woman who is bound to obey him for the rest of her days. This is a beautiful example of visual interpretation as the painting is often thought to represent the transformation of a relationship into marriage.

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