Harry Potter Hotties! Dress Up in Harry Potter Costumes This Year

Harry Potter Hotties Sexiest Witch and Wizard Transformations

The Harry Potter Hotties! The sexiest witch and wizard transformations in the world of Harry Potter! For those familiar with J.K. Rowling’s series the Harry Potter, you may remember this article about the most scandalous wizard costume, which can be a great gift for Halloween, or just for yourself. Whatever the reason for getting one, they are not to be missed!

The most popular and arguably the sexiest of the Harry Potter characters is Hermione Granger. The first Hermione we see in the Harry Potter book is played by Hermione Granger, who is a blonde, stunning beauty with amazing legs. She is strong and confident, but still slightly shy. This article will tell you how to transform your Hermione into the cutest character ever!

It is important to understand that the Hermione Granger costume has a long history in the Harry Potter universe, it first appeared in the half-way through the fifth book, “HP.” This is when the character started getting more steamy and more well-defined, as the books progressed. Now Hermione is a powerful, intelligent, and romantic character, and is definitely more of an iconic character than Harry. However, this does not mean that she cannot still get that sexy Harry Potter hairdo that she loves! This article will tell you how to get the most out of your Hermione Granger costume, and what to do about those lovely eyes.

Let us start with the dress! This is really important, as this is the most defining feature of your Hermione Granger costume. The first thing you want to do, before you get any other ideas, is to find out what is considered appropriate Harry Potter clothing. This includes the top, bottom, sleeves, shoes, and even your wand! You want to be comfortable while wearing this, and have fun while playing this game of Harry Potter.

Before you put on your costume, make sure you have all of your accessories. Your eyes are very important, as they are what people will see from this costume. Therefore, make sure you wear your prettiest eye makeup you’ve ever used! It can really add to your character if you are able to really make your eyes pop. Get your hair done up in a messy bun, or a neat ponytail, and make sure that your hair is pulled back by a ponytail. The longer your hair is pulled back, the sexier it looks!

Next, don’t forget to wear your sexy Harry Potter wizard’s robe. This is a great way to step into character and shows your character! You can choose any colors you want for this outfit, but for most, a silvery robe works best. Also, do not forget to wear your most comfortable Harry Potter shoes! This is a must, as these shoes are probably the most important part of your costume.

Lastly, don’t forget your Harry Potter themed socks and shirt. These items are extremely important when putting on your costume and taking it off. You can either purchase these items separately from your costume, or you can also find them at your local costume shop or internet site. These items are also a lot of fun to wear with other people, and your friends can give you great advice as to which items you should not wear with your Harry Potter costume.

With a Harry Potter theme, and a little planning, your Halloween costume is sure to be a big hit with everyone that sees your fabulous Harry Potter costume. Plus, everyone will be asking you where you got such a cute Harry Potter costume! Be sure to answer them all of the questions they ask you, and enjoy your awesome Harry Potter Halloween! Have fun, and good luck! !

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