Have These 19 Magical Experiences in 2021 at Walt Disney World Resort – On the Go in Orlando!

19 Magical Experiences in 2021 at Walt Disney World Resort  On the Go in MCO

The year is2019 and it’s time for another go around at magical experiences in Walt Disney World Resort. This year there are new adventures to plan for at this popular Park. I know many of you who have traveled to the Magic Kingdom before and have enjoyed the experience. But I want to share with you something new and exciting to do at this Park.

This new adventure in Disney World Resort takes place at the Animal Kingdom. At this new park you will discover the astonishing wildlife of Discovery Island plus explore a new jungle themed area featuring zebras, flamingos and gazelles. There are also many new areas of exploration including an expansion of the Spaceship Earth attraction. Or take a ride through the new Star Tours attraction. Plus it’s a great way to see the Disney Princesses while at the Park.

This is part three in my series of 19 magical adventures at Walt Disney World Resort. In this installment we will conclude with the adventures centered around the Animal Kingdom. Animals now play an integral part in the storyline of most of these areas. You will meet some exotic animals and get to learn about their intelligence, habits, and how to care for them. Plus there are some adorable animals that even talk to you!

As part of the Animal Kingdom exciting new experience Disney patrons can go on the Jungle Cruise. This boat cruise is off the dock at the Magic Kingdom and offers a spectacular close up view of the Animal Kingdom. You will see zebras, lions, elephants, and all of the other animals that are all part of the rich history of the park. This is a great opportunity to experience the magic of Disney in an up close and personal manner!

While on the Jungle Cruise you will also encounter some new creatures. This experience will take you on a journey into the rainforests of Belize where you will see an array of new furry friends that call home to this lush jungle. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet and feed these furry friends as you go on this exciting adventure. Afterwards, return to the ship and spend some time in the dining area. While on this wonderful cruise you will also witness a new type of animal at work – and it is quite impressive!

One more new experience offered by Disney on board this cruise is the fireworks show at dusk. This spectacular show will light up the night sky and leave you feeling like you have never seen a display of this kind before. Plus, to make your nighttime experience extra special you can request that a light show to be added to your dinner. The cost of the fireworks show is included in your ticket price.

One other thing you can do while on this amazing adventure is to go on an unbelievable water ride. On the Water ride you will float down through waterfalls and experience a magical world where it seems as if all things are created with magic. Imagine yourself floating down a river as you are whisked away to an idyllic island. Then, if you would rather enjoy a more technical ride you may wish to take this opportunity to try your hand at the monorail. This will give you the thrill of a lifetime as you travel through a never ending tunnel system and go through the park’s most daring attractions.

There are so many things to do at Walt Disney World Resort but one of the most anticipated experiences is the magical world of Walt Disney Land. You will go back in time to see why this area has been named one of the most magical places in the world by National Geographic Traveler. This is the place where all the greatest cartoon characters come to life and you will have the opportunity to meet these beloved characters as you go on this amazing journey.

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