Heath Ledger As The Joker – Watch The Amazing Dark Knight First

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‘The Joker’ star turns real for the first time in his new movie. The Joker is back in his all-red suit, and he’s out to wreak havoc and fun on Gotham City this Halloween. As the resident super-villain, he is more than a simple bad guy. He is, in fact, the dark side of the Batman universe…

The first time I saw ‘The Joker’ I was a bit confused, especially by how dark the film got at the ending. But it turns out that this is quite normal for Batman’s nemesis. The Joker is no pushover. And he takes up arms against mankind, not because he wants to conquer the world, but because he feels humanity is a threat to the planet. And to prove his point, he has one too many guns, aiming at those skyscrapers we all know. It was completely unnecessary and it made the film boring to some viewers, but then again, I don’t think anybody can compare the Joker to Batman anyway.

The second time I saw ‘The Joker’ I felt the same way. The plot line was interesting and captivating, but sometimes it seems like the filmmakers are trying too hard to be scary. It’s like they tried to make the Joker look like a really cool and sinister villain, so they made him look as crazy and unpredictable as possible. Instead, they succeeded in creating a human clown.

Who is the real Joker? Where did he come from? Why is he so bad? Well, the answers to these questions and more will be revealed in the upcoming chapters of ‘The Dark Knight,’ but first, here’s some background. So here’s how the Joker came to be the bad guy…

In the earlier versions of the Dark Knight, the Joker had been an eccentric playboy who was obsessed with killing superheroes. This was his reason for wearing the yellow jacket, as well as the yellow “Joker” logo that was always tattooed on his chest. However, there has been much debate about whether or not the Joker was really the genius behind the whole crime-fighting craze. Some have said that the Joker actually started the whole thing just to take advantage of all of Batman’s misery and anger. Either way, the Joker still made himself memorable, and he remains one of the most iconic characters in the world.

In the latest version of the Dark Knight movie, the Joker is back. In this movie, he is played by Christian Bale, who is absolutely mesmerizing. He’s unrecognizable, and there’s no mistaking who this man is. He is extremely good looking, and this helps him to be even more frightening.

Throughout the movie, we learn that The Joker is a genius and that he plans everything out ahead of time. But it seems that he doesn’t have to plan at all, because he simply has his goons around him to do the dirty work. He basically just makes a threat, and then he does it. In the end, he has his henchmen shoot Batman in the face, so that he can enter the bat house and kill the beloved hero.

Needless to say, Batman is extremely scared of The Joker. This is probably one of the reasons why Christian Bale is so great at playing the role. He seems to have the ability to scare even the darkly. It’s interesting to note that The’Joker’movie, not only did Heath Ledger get to revisit his role as The Joker, but he also got to do some acting work, which is always great. Even though Heath Ledger is best known for his Joker role, he also did some supporting roles in other movies including Man on the Moon, and Iron Man, so he has some major experience in the role of The Joker.

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