Here Are the Best Dressed Celebrities in August 2021

Here Are the Best Dressed Celebrities in August 2021  Who What Wear UK

The world looks forward to the summer, and the best dressed celebrities in August 2021 will be the stars that people can’t resist. Britain is a great place to visit, and there is no better place to spend the summer than in the nation of her birth. However, for some tourists, visiting London means more than just a day out. A full month of sightseeing, entertainment, and relaxation can be enjoyed in the capital. Here are the best dressed celebrities in August 2021.

First, there is Narcissus. The actress has been busy promoting herself and the film she is in, so now she has the chance to show off her figure in the red carpet and on the big screen. The award-winning actress was recently spotted wearing a beautiful Armani Dolce Gabbana gown at the premiere of the new film, The Tree of Life. Expect to see plenty more of the glamorous star on the red carpet and in the films.

Next, we will look at the best dressed Prince William. Prince William is set to be the most well-dressed man on the red carpet. The William Trials, in which he plays the role of hunter defending his wife against a killer, has been getting rave reviews. Expect to see the dashing prince donning a pair of tailored trousers and a London Fog sweater before going for dinner with the royal family.

Then we will look at the best dressed celebrities in Hollywood. This time of year, you would think that the Oscar winner would be enjoying a fancy dress party. However, Tom Cruise, still beloved by millions, will be focusing on more important things.

Who on Earth would expect to see Leonardo DiCaprio sashaying down the red carpet in a slick black suit looking regal and suave? But this is the superstar’s 50th Academy Awards appearance and he looks amazingly good. Will he win? The odds are against but he will most certainly look remarkable. Expect to see lots of shiny clothing.

Best dressed celebrities in Hollywood also includes Meryl Streep, Al Pacino and Kate Hudson. The classy ladies are all out in the limelight looking as stunning as the finest films of the past. They were all present at the Academy Awards earlier this year and although Meryl Streep’s award was not as successful as her prior appearance, it at least established her as one of the best dressed celebrities in Hollywood. Ms Streep might even have had the best role of her career in the film due to winning the Golden Globe for her performance in The Devil’s Advocate.

Next up on the best dressed list is Matt Damon, who was nominated for his role as the reckless captaincy in the movie, The Thin Red Line. This movie portrayed Damon in a very different light than his previous roles where he appears serious and dignified. I’m sure the producers of the movie were not expecting Damon to take on an entire scene dressed in a red carpet outfit, so he totally pulled it off. Damon looks absolutely stunning and the picture had a very fitting ending.

Finally we have Tom Cruise as the Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The great-looking Hollywood actor has definitely gained the respect of moviegoers everywhere with this role. He looks incredibly classy in his role and he certainly looked the part when he donned the iconic bow tie that is synonymous with many movies. Hopefully the crew can get back to the drawing board and come up with a red carpet that is as elegant as the one that Tom Cruise wore to win the best actor award for his role as Jack Sparrow.

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