How Do Nick and Priyanka Look So In Love At A Mumbai Wedding Reception?

“They’re not our mamas, they’re not our mamma’s. They are our brothers. And we’re totally in love with them.” -DAVA RUPER

Nick and Priyanka Look So in Love at Mumbai Wedding Reception Pics

When I was growing up in India, my father (who was an Air Force officer) always told me to always have more than one girl as a mate. He believed in the ‘space’ –the 4-c’s–and believed in the ‘overlapping consciousness.’ I remember him saying that. Now I understand why he had such a strong opinion of it.

As a matter of fact, that was what Nick and Priyanka did–they had matching colors. But, as they grew older, it became increasingly difficult for them to hang out together. It became necessary to take them out for dinner occasionally. In fact, that is where the idea for ‘Diva Love’ came from.

Now, on a recent visit to my daughter’s wedding, I was reminded of what my father had said. This time, however, the four of them were at the dinner table. They were joined by their mother, their two cousins, and a friend. There were about 30 people in all.

The conversation quickly turned to cricket. It was not a friendly game, but it was the only thing on the menu. As the guests grew more familiar with each other, it became obvious that there were absolutely no ‘fusses’ about the wedding. People were just happy to be there.

A casual glance across the room showed that this was not an everyday wedding reception. There were beautiful flowers, candles and chocolates everywhere. Someone had brought a large display of Indian handicrafts. The highlight of the evening was a dancer who was wearing a head-dress which skimmed the top of her dress. Her graceful, stripped back look was very Indian, but it looked perfect on top of that white gown.

Over the years, that is how I have come to understand Nick and Priyanka. They are a great combination; always happy to see one another, even when it is just at home. And – I would guess – they never realized that they’re happy, playful looks would someday turn into the perfectly crafted marriage that they have dreamed about. Even now, their bright, playful, expressive look keeps me smiling every time I see it.

The wedding itself was beautiful. Everything about it was gorgeous. The bride wore a rich, heavy black dress with exquisite gold jewelry. The groom wore a simple, elegant suit, probably some shirt and a tie. It was a terrific wedding reception full of color – just like Nick and Priyanka.

As for the photographs, they simply do not do Nick and Priyanka justice. They were absolutely breathtaking! In one picture, they look as if they are out on a vacation, in another they look like two teenage girls who had just done their first post-secondary class together. They have such lovely, innocent faces – the type of face you only find in magazine pages. Their expressions are so sweet and yet, at the same time, totally devastating.

Looking at pictures of the wedding, I get the sense that Nick and Priyanka have been in love since they were little girls. The cute little wedding photo of them that I found online, looking so adorable in a beautiful dress, reminded me of how lucky I was to have been given that same chance. As I looked at the picture, I felt a deep pang of guilt for not being them. It seems like this is what life was like for Nick and Priyanka all along, before their parents decided to take them away from the streets of Mumbai and put them in a loving home in Mumbaikars.

The story behind the photos of the couple in their wedding day is quite interesting. At one point in the story, the bride’s sister called a marriage counselor. She explained to the counselor that the bride’s brother had seen his younger sister to marry a man far earlier than she wanted to, without telling her family – which prompted the bride to return to Mumbai and cancel her upcoming wedding. After this, the incident became known to Nick and Priyanka. The happy couple went shopping for wedding dresses – and got engaged on the very day that their wedding was set to take place.

From all appearances, I think the story behind this photograph is the bride wanting to get married so soon so that they can start a new life together. From what I have seen, the look on the face of Nick and Priyanka as they pose for the camera almost looks like they want to fight the wedding photographers! I guess looking good on your big day is important – as is feeling good about yourself on your big day. And, if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to look good in your wedding dress, or any other thing, there are plenty of books in the market (both online and bricks and mortar) that will help you.

However, I would say that these photos show that the bride’s own happiness is what matters most – not whether or not she looks good. To me, that says more about the happy woman – and the photographer too! And, that’s true, whether the bride is wearing an extravagant dress or a simple blouse – or even a scarf!

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