How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost

What should you expect when planning your wedding flowers? How much do they cost? How do you go about getting them? How much do they cost?

The price that you pay for your flowers depends a great deal on what kind of flower arrangements you choose and how complex or simple they are. Your wedding day flowers will be gorgeous, so you want to take care in how you shop for them. You will want to start with the basics: selecting your flowers, hiring a florist, preparing your wedding invitations, and making your cake. Once you’ve taken care of these tasks, then you can move on to flower shopping. It’s important to follow these steps:

Selecting the flowers You want for your wedding will have a significant impact on your florist’s flower budget. Your first option is to select a few popular and hard-to-find bouquets, arrange them yourself, and send them to your local florist. Your local florist will have a good idea of the price range for blooms in your chosen floral element, and you’ll save money by having floral elements that are popular and available.

Selecting the arrangement types Once you’ve selected several bouquets, it’s time to decide what kind of arrangements you’d like. Most florists offer options such as tiered, stems-on, single-flower, bouquets, and arrangements using multiple flowers. Be sure to shop around for the best price and quality, and don’t be afraid to spend more if you like a particular arrangement better. Most florists offer consultation services so you can help decide what works best.

Pricing Flower arrangements vary widely depending on a variety of factors. Florists’ prices vary according to where they get their flowers and how many flowers are involved in each arrangement. Local florists may charge less because they don’t travel to other states, while florists from New York City may charge more because of their close proximity to the Big Apple and other cultural events. The cost of shipping supplies and taxes are also a factor in the final price. Consult a florist’s website to find out the total price of flower arrangements.

Types of Flowers Typically, most arrangements include roses, lilies, carnations, orchids, tulips, gerberas, and orchids. The bouquets used in wedding parties are more likely to feature one or more of these popular flower options, so make sure your florist has arrangements featuring these flowers. If possible, ask for samples of arrangements so you can see them in person. Keep in mind that different types of flowers require different amounts of time to bloom. Consult a knowledgeable florist about the average time span for various blooms to get an idea of how much time your arrangements will require.

Exclusions Other than roses, many floral arrangements are not available for purchase at farmer’s markets or grocery stores, such as seasonal plants and flowers grown for cosmetic use, such as hair accessories and decorative herbs. In some cases, a florist may only be able to supply a limited amount of colors, such as red, for an upcoming holiday. Ask if there are any other fees for ordering above a particular limit. Be sure to include this in your list of inquiries when asking how much do wedding flowers cost?

Costs for Beaded Arrangements Brides usually have bouquets made in the color of their dress, so be aware that different bouquets will go for different costs. The cost for a boutonniere depends on whether it is made from real flowers or faux flowers. Some boutonnieres can be decorated with real flowers, while others can be decorated with real flowers but covered in faux flowers. Keep in mind that if you choose real flowers, they will need to be maintained after the wedding, as real flowers are quite fragile. Most boutonnieres look better as keepsakes, so if they are bought for a wedding and then used as keepsakes, they might not hold up as well as they would if they were made from faux flowers. Bridesmaids will also receive boutonnieres with bouquets or other arrangements in their wedding colors; be sure to ask your florist about this so you can provide them with coordinating flowers.

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