How the Bollywood Celebrities Adds an Eclectic Shape to Their Real Life Attire

27 Bollywood Celebrity Real Life Lehenga Designs Photos  LooksGudin

You are sure to get glued to these 27 Bollywood celebrity real life lehenga designs photos. They have been doing their bit in Indian fashion industry and have brought joy for fashion freaks from all over the world. From razzle dazzle to sari and large, these are the most popular Indian garments. So if you are looking to buy something classy or are planning to attend any function in India this season, then these would be perfect to adorn your attires.

Mukesh Bhatt is one of the most well known faces of Bollywood. He plays the character of Shah Rukh Khan in the movie, Kill Bill. Most of the fans praise his looks and admire him for it. Mukesh Bhatt is a prince of darkness, who has an obsessed passion for music.

Same is the case with Karan Johar, who plays the lead role in the movie, Om Shanti Om. He was earlier a dancer for the royal Indian Army. His unique looks and moves have made him an actor and singer as well. Like Bhatt, Karan has also designed his own collection of garments. These designs include the lehenga, which he wears in the movies.

Now, we will take a look at another popular Bollywood celebrity real life wearer – Shazahn Padamsee. The first thing that comes to mind about Shazahn is her slim and sexy looks. She plays the role of Pappu in the movie, Om Shanti Om. In fact, the film’s director Mani Ratnam was initially interested in casting her but then decided against it. The reason behind this was that she was not willing to wear frills and small patterns.

She loves to wear simple yet elegant attires. She has designed the ghagra choli for herself. The main purpose of the ghagra choli is to show off her beautiful body but at the same time it also shows off her thin and soft features. In fact, she has been compared to the real actress Aishwarya Rai.

Most women love to wear designs such as those with embellishments on them. But Aishwarya Rai does not like such designs on her garments. As such, she hires a designer to prepare her outfits. These designer attires are designed to suit the body type and the figure of Aishwarya Rai.

Now, there are several other women who look good in Bollywood style designer attires like Priyanka Chopra, Prem Chopra and Sushmita Sen. Although these women too like to wear simple attires but they add some spice to their personalities by wearing outfits with innovative cuts and designs. In fact, they believe that these simple designs are best to wear since they can easily complement their looks and add a sense of style to them.

They believe that since they do not wear too many designs, their personality gets reflected by the way they carry themselves. This is why most female celebrities like to stick to simple yet elegant attires when it comes to wearing Bollywood style clothing. Moreover, they believe that simplicity is beauty and they therefore like to wear clothes that have interesting designs but with a hint of uniqueness. Hence, it can be concluded that most of the Bollywood’s stars like to keep their real life look but are still able to add a bit of elegance to it through the use of traditional attires like the ghagra choli.

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