How to Be an Instagram Influencer – 8 Steps to Get You Started

Many people have created an Instagram account in order to drive traffic to their websites, and by extension, their businesses. The potential for growth is tremendous on this platform, and the only limit is your imagination. However, to truly master the art of marketing on Instagram, it is critical that you have a well laid out plan of action. To help you get started with this process, we have outlined the following eight steps for you to follow to start making the most of your use of social media for business purposes.

How to be an Instagram Influencer  8 steps to get you started  Aussie Adventuress

First, you should always have an Instagram account of some description of your business. Make sure it is visually stimulating and easy to follow. Do not forget to add your website link to it as well.

The second step is to create a group. Join groups that interest you, or that will help you grow your network of customers and followers. Remember, when creating groups, people must be able to join them. If you cannot invite people to your account, there is no point in having one!

Third, after joining a group, post your profile. This is important because this is where you get the name recognition that will allow you to attract more people to your page. You also need to add information that people will find useful. After all, if you cannot post good information, there is no point in advertising. It has been found that most people will not purchase anything from a company that does not put good information into their marketing campaigns.

The fourth step is to create a content marketing strategy. This involves creating unique content that will encourage people to visit your website. It will also encourage people to become aware of your products or services. Remember, content marketing works!

Fifth, join popular social media accounts. When it comes to reaching potential customers, there are more social media websites available to you than there are individuals. Use these websites to get the word out about your product or service. You will want to make sure that you follow accounts that are closely related to yours so that you can easily connect with existing customers. If you own a restaurant, you may choose to follow the account of a food store, pizza shop, or another type of business that caters to people who purchase the same type of products or services that your business offers.

Sixth, provide useful content to your account. You do not have to post pictures of your face or family. Remember, people will be able to see your content on their feed, so if they like what they see, they will be encouraged to visit your account to learn more. Add a link in your description explaining what you have to offer and include a call to action so that people can visit your website to learn more about your products or services.

Seventh, be consistent in your efforts to promote your products. Each update that you make should be focused on one specific feature of your products or services. Do not make posts about multiple products or updates that appear to be the same. This will dilute your impact. As with any marketing strategy, your goal is to focus on a very select group of people and to encourage them to buy your products or sign up for your updates. Once you have established a targeted audience, you will find it easier to attract new customers.

The eighth step is to take full advantage of Facebook’s fan page functionality. When you are listed as an official fan of a company or brand, people will follow you on Facebook to learn more about the things that you are selling. In particular, people will be eager to follow an influencer because they will have access to exclusive content that they won’t get on the main feed. If you post a photo or video of your products on your page, make sure that you also mention the brand that you represent. You could also add a short description to the picture and then invite people to visit your page for more information.

The ninth step is to regularly share your content with your followers. Every time you create a new post, update your status or make a content announcement, you should update your followers through a simple message. Make sure that you don’t overdo it, however. In other words, don’t go on spouting profanities at all or come out swinging with your tweets. Instead, simply share interesting facts or funny videos that you have found.

The last step in this how to be an Instagram Influencer – 8 steps to get you started is to engage with your followers. Start building relationships with them by replying to their comments and telling them stories about your products or experience. By regularly communicating with your followers, you will soon become their favorite source of news, posts and content. In turn, your followers will also become loyal fans to your brand. As a result, you will see increased sales and brand visibility.

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