How to Choose the 10 Best Colorful Suits to Brighten Up Your Evening

This is the year of dressing for success, and the men are finally feeling the burn. From New Year’s Resolutions to retirement, many men are looking forward to better, more meaningful days at work. While many of them may still be wearing suits to work, they’re also ditching the ties that they’ve been wearing for years. The 10 Best Colorful Suits to Brighten Up Your Workweek includes some men who aren’t necessarily color-resistant, but who tend to look their very best when they step into their business suits. Whether it’s to motivate, or just feel better about themselves, here are some classic looks you can wear to add a much-needed boost of confidence to your professional wardrobe this year.

The 10 Best Colorful Suits to Brighten Up Your Workweek

These suits offer both a classic look and modern versatility. The classic white-suit look is always welcome, and business suits in dark colors like black, navy, or gray will always look good with most pants in your wardrobe. Navy suits, for instance, are ideal for those meetings where you don’t want to be too conservative. For even more subtle color versatility, choose dark suits in a neutral color like ivory or beige for the workplace. They’ll work equally well with a wide variety of dress shirts, blazers, or even with pants.

This one is definitely a no-brainer, but it’s often overlooked. Buttees are one of the most classic and stylish suits you can own. If you’re wearing a basic white shirt, a basic khaki shirt, or even a linen or cotton tie, you can dress up your look with a tie. But, a buttee requires that you tie it so that it’s showing off your upper body. A slender tie won’t do and will only distract from your looks.

The best way to wear a tie is side-parting it on one side and then tying it in the opposite corner of your neck. The sides should be darker than the center, because it highlights your tie’s shape. If you’re wearing a tie-less suit, you can just wear your tie attachments. But if you’re wearing a traditional two-piece, you’ll want to wear them with your tie.

The fourth factor to consider when wearing ties is how it fits you. You need to make sure that it’s not too loose or too tight. Remember that it’s also okay to over-tie a tie because it will enhance the shape of your tie. However, if you’re wearing a suit with a wide belt, you might want to wear a tie with a wider belt so that it doesn’t bunch up around your waist. It’s also important to wear a tie that matches your suit.

The fifth factor that you should consider when selecting your suit is the colors of your tie. Your tie’s colors will set off your entire look. If you’re selecting a dark tie, you can consider wearing lighter colored ties. However, if you are wearing a light-colored tie, avoid wearing darker ties. Your tie’s colors will help set off your outerwear, such as your shirt and your shoes. If you do choose to wear darker colored ties, don’t do so for a whole day, since it can actually cause a slight color difference that will give you away.

The sixth factor is whether or not your tie matches your socks. A tie can dress up any outfit, but it’s much more effective if the tie and the rest of your ensemble match. For example, a tie might be a perfect match for a business suit, but it’s still going to look weird with a pair of slacks. The same goes for a sweater and a matching t-shirt. When you pair your socks and your tie, the entire outfit becomes more streamlined, and the tie is simply one more element that you have to integrate into your overall look.

The ninth factor that you should consider when choosing the best 10 is the material that the suit is made from. Most suits are made from a wool or cotton blend, although other fabrics have also become popular lately. Wool blends are generally considered to be the most classic and elegant choice. Cotton is nice if you don’t want a traditional fabric, since it can be made in different textures, like cashmere. If you are planning to spend a little bit more on your suit, you might consider buying a silk tie, since they are very soft and have a gorgeous natural glow to them that is very hard to reproduce with synthetic materials.

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