How to Cut a 50 Celebrity Women’s Hair Style

Every woman wants to look good, and should consider wearing short hair for every occasion. For many years celebrities have been using short hair as part of their regular make-up routine and it has never failed to complement their looks. Even today, without the help of expensive hair stylists many stars keep their locks long to bring out the best in their appearances. Here are some of the 50 celebrity women who look better with short hair:

50 Celebrity Women Who Look Better With Short Hair

* Angelina Jolie – It is hard to think of Angelina Jolie without her long lashes. Long lashes enhance her face and add a lot of glamour to her personality, Angelina always seems to have a full set of silky white lashes ready for any photo shoot. When it comes to celebrity women with really long hair, Angelina Jolie may be the model that always has the most time for a long relaxing day at the spa. Whether she is getting her hair done by a stylist or doing it up herself, Angelina always looks amazing and that look will never go out of style.

* Brooke Burke – Ms. Burke is another celebrity whose looks are closely associated with her career. She has played the part of a mother on many different TV shows, including “How I Met Your Mother.” And if you didn’t know that the show was actually based on the life of mother and daughter, then you would never guess, as Ms. Burke’s long locks look absolutely perfect. People are constantly amazed at how good Brooke Burke looks with her hair down and how cute she is when she’s not acting.

* Penelope Cruz – It has been said that Penelope Cruz has one of the shortest hair known to man. Yes, it is indeed true that the ladies’ hairstyle that the media often reports on has been inspired by the hair of Penelope Cruz. The media sometimes reports that Penelope has auburn hair, but the truth is that her hair is just as long as her shoulder length. This makes her hair look great in pictures, but it also can make her seem short when she isn’t wearing her sunglasses. No matter how short the celebrity women’s hair is, there are ways to make it look fuller and more luxurious.

* Allison Iraheta – While many people will be quick to write-off Ms. Iraheta as too young to still be a star, she is actually much older than her looks suggest. In fact, the buzz about her recent appearance in “The Perfect Score” made some people wonder if she was done growing. Ms. Iraheta has been going for years now, and even with her recent brush with the spotlight, she doesn’t look like she’s lost her hair yet. This definitely makes her look years younger than her years.

* Avril Lavigne – If you loved “Songs from Iraheta,” then you probably love “Avril Lavigne.” The former Spice Girl is known for her long hair, which is often cut in a very elegant style. This often means that her bangs are piled high on top of her head, giving her the illusion that she has five heads of hair all in one place. Whether or not this style suits her personally will depend on her preference, but it does create an impression that she is a head taller than she really is.

* Jennifer Aniston – One of the things that make Jennifer Aniston stands out from all of the other actresses that have been nominated for the Golden Globe Awards over the years is her hairstyle. Her long hair and simple look to have made her famous, but her personal style has made her one of the most popular celebrity women with short hair today. If you have a girlie cut like Jennifer Aniston, then you will want to make sure to get the style as well. You won’t want to disappoint your favorite actress with a style that doesn’t fit her.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to cut celebrity women’s hair. If you aren’t comfortable with some of the more trendy styles, then stick to the more classic, easy to maintain ones. You don’t have to change your hairstyle drastically to become an overnight star, but you do need to pay attention to what kind of style fits you best. Remember that celebrities are living proof that a great haircut can change your entire appearance. Don’t be afraid to spend some time to find a style that looks great on you, but makes you feel confident and comfortable as well.

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