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When I was growing up, my mother would always get so excited when one of our jewelry makers was going to show up at the show with his or her work. Of course, not all craft shows were created equal – some were quite tame, and I remember going to shows where artists would create small sculptures or jewelery made-to-order items for the crowds – the kind of craft that seemed handmade in a circus. But other shows were exciting, and held enormous potential for crafters and artists. Here are some tips on how to display jewelry at a craft show – made urban.

The first thing you need to know is what kind of jewelry will look best in a given setting. You can see this instantly by observing the kinds of jewelry displayed at shows. Most jewelry is best displayed on a flat surface such as a table, shelf, or a stand. Be careful about how you position your pieces, however – space is important, as these displays are designed to let the light shine through the jewelry to showcase the design. Also, you should note that displays with multiple stones are becoming increasingly popular, as they catch the light in multiple, subtle hues.

Depending on the size of the craft show, you might be able to get away with hanging several necklaces or bracelets on a necklace hook. In fact, this is a great way to display your jewelry without taking up any valuable real estate. This works especially well if the pieces are very small – you don’t have to worry about them being seen as well, as they won’t be dwarfed on a crowded shelf by a multi-colored necklace. Just make sure the hooks are sturdy enough to hold the items you want to display, and make sure they will hang on there without creaking.

One of the main reasons people attend the shows is to try out new designs. If you have a booth at a crafts show, you should make sure you have some samples of your work for sale. Have some pictures taken by a customer, and then use these to create some brochures or business cards to hand out. People who attend the shows are looking for something unique, so be prepared to give it to them!

Craft shows are also the perfect opportunity to network with other artisans. Look for other jewelry makers of leather goods at the fair – join up with them on the internet, or in person, and find out what other people think about your jewelry. In some cases, you can get discounts for buying more than one piece of jewelry from the same maker. Some craftspeople also make their own displays at the fair, so this gives you an even greater opportunity to get known among fellow jewelers.

At a craft show, the main focus will be on handmade and manufactured jewelry – make sure you have enough space to display your wares if you do have a lot of work. It can be quite difficult to squeeze your handmade pieces into a booth – they don’t come all that close to the floor. You may want to purchase a table or two to set your display’s on (use craft stands if you have limited space) so that your jewelry is out of the way and won’t be tripped over. Craft shows are also a great place to meet other craftspeople. Make friends with other jewelry makers and visit craft shows to buy materials and learn about other people’s work. You might even learn about other types of jewelry making and be able to make some sales on your work!

You might think that because you make unusual pieces of jewelry that there is no chance of anyone taking notice of your wares. After all, no one will know your pieces are handmade unless you tell them! But a craft show is the perfect place to introduce your jewelry to a roomful of other crafters and to let them know that you have something that looks just like theirs. Most people who attend crafts shows are looking for unique items and will go to any length to find them – your unique but unusual jewelry will stand out in their eyes and they may ask to buy from you.

Some people choose not to attend a craft show simply because they are afraid they won’t find anything they like there. Don’t let that stop you! If you are particularly proud of a handmade piece you’ve made, take it along to the craft show. Many exhibitors have tables set up for various types of jewelry. If nothing else, it’s worth seeing what the competition is doing. Once there, you’ll have an opportunity to talk to other crafters and get their advice on where to purchase supplies.

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