How to Pick the Right Balayage Hair Color Trend For Your Skin Tone and Hair Style

So what are the hottest and most popular color trends for the next year? You’ll find them listed below. Remember, if you’re not sure which ones you should be following, it’s always best to follow a few tips with the knowledge of what’s hot and what’s not. This way you can be certain that your hair color will be the perfect match for your outfit and your complexion. Here are the top nine color trends for the next year:

41 Hottest Balayage Hair Color Ideas for 2021  StayGlam

It’s not a secret that brunettes love dark colors but what many do not realize is that dark hair colors are the hottest color trend for the coming year. Whether it’s a black color or a deep red color, your hair can be given a major impact this season with just a few highlights and a few base color tones. With StayGlam’s award winning shade Smoky Brown, you’ll be getting the attention you’ve been wanting with a modern hair color trend.

If you’re looking for color inspiration, we can’t recommend GetGlam too highly. Created by celebrity stylist Jaden Smith, GetGlam offers up some exciting color trends for the coming year. You’ll love how the GetGlam coloring system gives you a lot of options to customize your color. From subtle highlights to rich color tones, GetGlam is the best way to get the glow you want.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll find any highlights in this color trend, it’s worth noting that brown is itself a popular color trend for the coming year. This beautiful, natural tone is gorgeous when highlighted with dark highlights or stippling with more pure tones. For example, this brown hair color trend can work with your brown dress to create an elegant look that will turn heads.

In case you haven’t noticed, Balayage isn’t new! However, the hue has become very popular in the past year. Originally, Balayage was created as a reaction to the cold weather associated with Asia, and it took shape in the late sixties through the seventies in Europe. This warm weather and desire for a colorless dye made the hue extremely popular among hair stylists and Hollywood celebrities alike.

What makes this color trend different from the other warm colors on the scene? Rather than falling in love with a natural hue and then fall out of it when it’s not good for your skin tone, this color trend celebrates the deep, rich hues available in orange, red, yellow and gold. There are a few highlights you should be aware of with this hue. Since it contains the pigment melanin, this hue can make people of darker skin appear blonder than they really are.

The warm tone offers plenty of versatility with it. While you could get the color in just about any shade, you need to choose your base color first, and then you can get your highlights. With this color trend, your base color needs to be warm, such as peach, red, orange, or brown. You can then choose the highlighter shade, which could be yellow, orange, peach, or red. You then simply add the accent color, which could be another hue that matches the base color or one that is completely different.

Since this hair color trend has only recently come into full swing, there aren’t a lot of new shade options currently on the market. However, that does not mean that you cannot have the hue. You can get highlights in many of the current color trends that are popular on the market, but because Balayage is a new hue it may take some time for manufacturers to produce it in the various color tones that you want. As more colors are made available, you will have a better chance of finding the perfect match for your skin tone and hair style.

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