How to Plan a Party Theme – The 300th Birthday Party

The 300th birthday celebration is a nice way to celebrate the people and places you love around you. It also marks the end of a period in time where your choices and influence are limited. That’s why it’s always a good idea to come up with your own 300 questions and play them in a game to see how much you have really grown over the years.

You can use your imagination, think about things that don’t happen often and get creative. But first you need to ask yourself some important questions to give your brain the cue it needs to start thinking about the theme. What do you want to get out of the party? What kind of fun do you want to have?

Once you have answers to these questions, you’ll know what type of game you’re going to set up. Will it be a scavenger hunt? A game of musical chairs? A game of charades?

Once you’ve chosen the question you want to ask, you’ll need to make sure that you have everything ready for this event. That means making sure there are food and drinks, games, prizes, and decorations. Remember that you don’t have to spend too much money on this. Cheap and easy to do things like cupcakes, cheap cake toppers and decorations are all important to help make this fun and affordable.

You’ll also need to think about what kind of entertainment you’ll be having. Will the party be a big surprise? If so, then you’ll want to let the guest of honor to know before the event. If not, you’ll want to reserve a few slots for other people who have asked to be invited.

Now that you’ve answered the age question, you can move on to the questions about what you’ll be serving at the party. This is an important part of the party, because if you’re serving good food and drinks you’ll want people to enjoy themselves. For example, hors oeuvres are a good idea. Anything fancier than that should be reserved for another occasion if possible.

The last question you’ll have to answer is the one that relates to something you’ll want to accomplish for your 300th birthday: what’s your goal? What would you like to have on your birthday? Do you want a new house? A car?A new beginning?

Be as specific as possible when you ask the question. You’ll want to choose something that people can remember long after the party is over. One suggestion is to have personalized party favors: mini pens, candles, picture frames, etc. It doesn’t matter what you choose as long as it reflects something about you and your tastes. After all, you’ll want to remember this party as fondly as possible.

The next question you’ll need to answer relates to the guests and their ages. Will there be children at the party? If so, you’ll have to plan a different kind of party from the ones your parents might have attended. One good idea is to go to a place where you’ll likely find children at once and plan something that they’ll like.

The next question you’ll have to answer concerns the games and activities you’ll have at your party. Do you have games for children or adults? Many people prefer games for adults and kids alike. Some examples include:

Musical chairs, which I highly recommend, is a fun game for everyone. Have everyone get on chairs meant for chairs. Make them move their legs and arms while singing out the number they’re holding in their hands. When they reach the right number, sing the song. Now they’ve had a funny game!

The third question you’ll need to answer deals with decorations and food. Will you provide the food or do you and your guests serve it yourselves? In either case, you’ll need to make sure that the food matches the theme you chose for your party. In other words, if your theme is medieval, you’ll probably want to use food with a medieval theme. Otherwise, you’ll probably end up serving Chinese food during your party.

Finally, one last question: will you have pictures taken of the 300th B.C. individuals? If so, make sure they are taken by someone who has experience, otherwise they may look strange. Now you’ll know how to plan an original 300 party! Good luck and have fun answering these questions!

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