I Love Artists – Surrealism Is Their Philosophy

If you are looking for love poetry by I Love Artists, look no further. This is the ultimate book of love poems by one of the most celebrated contemporary poets-eriesee Ensor Humble. With new poems added here for the very first time, this collection of Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge’s poetry displays the dazzling luminosity nature of her imaginative art-as she calls it. Her luminous imagination springs from a deep well of creative energy, which seems to gush forth from every single one of her tiny words. And in her poetry, that power manifests itself in beautiful forms-as individual thoughts, fragmented images, and serenely natural compositions.

I love artists

I Love Artists is divided into several chapters, each focusing on one of Ensor’s beloved animals-the frost eagle, the swan, the flame bird, and the heat bird. Each chapter features a selection of poems about one of these birds, along with a poem by Ensor herself. In addition, I Love Artists includes a variety of poems about the beauty of nature, about summer, about the wonders of the sea, and about our connection to the natural world. The poems that concentrate on the beauty of nature-and especially the ocean and the misty land along the shore-contend against the destructive forces of modern industrialism.

In the following chapter, “The Everlasting Circle,” the poet Jasmine Davidson has us follow the path of the fog to its source, the infinite energy of the world beyond. We follow the path of the fog through the woods, through fields of corn and squash, along the fence line of a country house, and finally we arrive at the threshold of a small stream. It is a clear glass water fountain, the work of Ensor Humble. As the water flows over and through Jasmine’s poems, the poet makes us aware of the presence of all living things, as well as the powers that govern them.

The next morning we hear the voice of a frog. He tells us that because we have just heard the frogs, who talk in a soothing, comforting, kind voice, we should not be afraid of approaching him and talking to him. “I only wanted to ask you,” he explains.

But when the frog disappears one day, we find ourselves in a very strange situation. Jasmine has created a new habitat for herself and her husband, a vast, permanent home made of stone, where she lives with a goat and two goats. The couple lives for almost seven years in this sanctuary. This is a strange place, filled with permanence: long lines of glass, iron bars, and giant rocks; huge paintings and sculptures that remind one of the great masters of European art, like Rembrandt or au Dauphine; a large circular room with a fireplace; and the bed of a cat, where Jasmine’s enormous colored animal feline can be seen asleep on her back on a bed of gold.

It is interesting to observe the connection between art and infinity. In reality there is no such thing as the permanence of space. Although the room is very large, it is merely situated at different scales, on different planes of reality. The permanence of space is only relative to the dimensions of our little world, on the level of the sub-microscopic.

Therefore, the very idea of putting a young baby bird in a cage and filling it with tinsel, ropes, and water would probably be considered cruel. But painting a still-life with still-water on a very large, evocative canvas would be considered a good way to keep babies and children’s minds healthy, creative, and in touch with their environment. And the association between permanence, infinity, and nature is strong enough to cause the continuation of repeating patterns within nature. I love artists, because they make beautiful pictures.

When I’m looking through an artist’s studio, I love the way they use space, light, and color to create something unique and beautiful. Sometimes they make bold statements with their artwork, other times they play coy. When I’m looking at abstract paintings, I love how they don’t seem to have a definite shape or line. It makes it seem as though everything is floating and I just happen to notice the similarity between abstract art and a cloud. Or perhaps it is a man making a dream.

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