Jazz Holiday Songs

Jazz up your festive season with holiday songs. Jive is a jazz dance form developed by slaves in the Jim Crow South. Jazz by definition includes rhythm and blues, together with percussion instruments and various free forms. You can bring the bright sounds of jazz to your holiday parties and celebrations. Jazz up your festive season with holiday songs sung by your guests.

Jive is a trademark word for many holiday songs written and sung by artists of the African Diaspora. Many modern jive artists have adopted this unique sound of jazz as their own. Some of these are “Happy Birthday To You” by Ella Fitzgerald with her original version and “Jingle Bells” by The Supremes. Both songs are great holiday songs that have been recorded by many artists. Listen to them. Notice the difference?

You can use holiday songs to express yourself and your family at your next holiday party or gathering. A jive rhythm can be added to a children’s party. Jazz dancing is becoming popular. Jazz dancing adds excitement to holiday parties.

Jazz music and holiday songs just make a great combination. Have fun making holiday music memories with your family and friends. You can also sing five songs for those who cannot join you in jiving.

Jazz songs add excitement to any holiday. Holiday songs can be great for families with children. Sing jive songs with them. They will love it and will hum along with you.

Singing holiday songs has been a tradition since the days of old. There is something special about that part of you. Sing holiday songs while eating your lunch, walking in the park or riding your bicycle. Jive songs are great to hear especially on a warm and summer day.

If you are not sure what to sing five songs are available on the internet as well. They are easily downloaded. Just print out some free jive songs or download from a site like iTunes. A jive song or two can be added to an evening tea party or a picnic.

Jazz is a great way to keep the family together on the holidays. Jazz can bring people from all walks of life together to enjoy a great holiday. Jazz is easy to learn, takes very little time and creates wonderful holiday memories. Jazz will never go out of style.

Jazz can be used to spice up any ordinary holiday like Thanksgiving Day. Jive songs will add a great deal of merriment to the day. Jive dancing can take place after dinner and will keep everyone dancing for quite some time. It is easy to see why jazz has been considered a favorite form of holiday music for so long. Jive will certainly fit the bill.

Jazz can be used in the classroom as well as in the workplace. Jazz is a great form of teaching music. Many teachers use jive music as a supplement to teach their students the basics of music theory and the history of popular songs. Jive adds excitement to the traditional holiday music and makes it fun to learn. Jazz adds an extra dimension to any Holiday program.

A jive song contains a basic melody that is built on repeated staccato chords. The lyrics tell a story and are usually a reflection of how the singer feels at the moment. Jive is fast paced and is usually accompanied by live instruments such as drums, cymbals or guitars. A well written jive tune can create a mood and bring people together.

Jazz holidays are special because they allow everyone to have fun. Jazz is fun because it’s upbeat, silly and festive. Jazz songs are festive in a good way and bring people together. Everyone enjoys jive songs, whether they are the family or guests at the holiday.

Jazz is a wonderful way to bring people together and have a great holiday. Jazz can be added to any holiday program or can stand on its own. Jazz is a festive good time and brings people together. Jazz is one of the most popular holiday songs and is sure to please everybody!

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