Just Call Me Ruby Review – A Romantic Comedy About Two Teenagers Falling in Love

Just Call Me Ruby: Some Pretty Pictures is a coming of age story that’s set in modern day and Los Angeles. It chronicles the love story between a teenage girl named Ruby and a man named Zach. The movie follows their friendship as they get acquainted and eventually fall in love.

Just Call Me Ruby Some Pretty Pictures

As an adult watching the movie, I found myself being swept away by the true depth of the characters and story. This movie wasn’t for the child, it was for the adult who could relate to the struggle and love of two teenage girls. It may seem like a little bit of a stretch for an animated girl like Ruby to fall in love with an older man, but she does, and it happens in the movie.

Ruby is introduced to us through her best friend at school, Delores. She and Delores have a great love of video games and geeky things, so when the two meet Zach and eventually fall in love, they jump into it. Though their initial attraction is only physical, they both find themselves falling for each other.

Zach and Ruby meet each other after the first date and start dating. At first they’re simply good friends, but as time goes on, we start to see more of their romantic side. Soon enough, Ruby starts to realize that she wants to take her relationship to the next level. She wants to be with a guy who loves her and who can fulfill her sexual desires. This is when the movie starts to reveal what makes Ruby so interesting as a character within the moviegoer’s mind.

Though the movie isn’t explicit, I’d like to give you a general idea of what the characters in the movie are thinking. Ruby is a smart and sexy teen who isn’t afraid to speak her mind or to make someone know about her feelings. She is also deeply worried about her weight, so she craves a diet plan to help keep her body in shape. The diet plan that she gets from her friend is one that has worked well for her, so when he asks her out, it is a simple and respectful one: one night with him.

However, this plan doesn’t go over to well. The guy’s parents don’t think he can leave their son alone with Ruby because of his previous bad experience with her. So, as a result, the moviegoer spends the evening with the guy instead of with his girlfriend. This results in some awkward moments throughout the evening, but it also gets the two of them talking to each other in an honest and respectful way that will have them falling in love. Throughout the movie, we get to see the two of them growing as individuals and seeing where their relationship is going.

There are many other great scenes throughout Just Call Me Ruby. One of the funniest scenes involves Ruby and the moviegoer’s mutual attraction for one another. During a basketball game, the guy sees her watching and decides to follow her. She does not notice him at first, but when she does she lets him know she is watching and begins talking to him. He then decides to join her there. After a few minutes, she stops talking and walks off to her car while he follows.

Overall, Just Call Me Ruby is a fun movie that leaves you wanting for more. There are jokes scattered throughout that are just funny, but the scenes between Ruby and the guy are what make this a fun movie to watch. The movie is directed by Adam Shanken and stars Michael Caine, Dan Butler, Meg Ryan, and Edward Herrmann. I would be hard-pressed to find any flaws in this film beyond its somewhat slow pacing, but I wouldn’t watch it if you had any concerns. If you are looking for a good time with a romantic story, then this would probably be a good fit for you to check out.

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