Kundalini Yoga Studio

The interior design of Domino Studio is a combination of traditional interior design and modern technology. Domino is a beautiful, full-service gym that offers over 200 classes in various styles and locations throughout the city of Stockholm. The interior design of the studio includes furniture, lighting, mirrors, and walls. Every inch of the space is designed to inspire and appeal to each member of the yoga community. In fact, many of the original yoga classes began their practice in the beautiful Domino room.

Inside This Swedish Yoga Studios Design Inspo  Domino

The Swedish interior design incorporated natural materials into the design. Natural stone like marble and granite is featured throughout the studio and throughout the Domino space. Natural timber frames and wood flooring are used in the design of the guest rooms and in the design of the main floor and main entrance. Seating includes a combination of comfortable benches and comfy sofas. Gym equipment including treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, rowing machines, balls, resistance bands, and body wraps can be found in many studios across the globe. Many pieces of ancient Indian architecture like the Shastra of Ganges (Basti) and an elephant sculpture in the hallway are also featured throughout the Indian-inspired interior design.

There are several guestrooms in the Domino studio, each with its own unique style of bright color and high-tech furnishings. Many of these guestrooms feature open-backed slip on chairs or faux leather furniture. Unique wall art and vintage posters decorate the walls of each guestroom.

Domino features an elegant Yoga Ballerina as its main attraction. The Yoga Ballerina provides participants with an exciting workout through its light weight balance and sophisticated design. Another interior design feature in Domino is the “Yoga Bar”. Located in the lower level of the studio, the Yoga Bar allows guests to relax and stretch before, after, and during their yoga routines. The bar also serves as a great place for yoga students to socialize with each other.

The Domino yoga studio’s design features a simple atmosphere with lots of natural light. Furniture accents include a large open floor plan that flows into the center of the room. Walls are painted in soothing earth tones, with bamboo panels and a natural stone floor. Light blues and pinks dominate the ceiling of the upper level. Furnishings are primarily made of organic materials, such as wood and bamboo.

The exterior of the Domino studio is equally impressive with its glass door and state of the art windows. The exterior walls of the building are clad in high quality glass that gives the building a futuristic look. The large sliding doors are complimented by a series of mirrors located throughout the interior design of the building. The interior design of the studio’s design features many plants and trees that provide the essential elements for a healthy environment outside the walls of the building. Fire pits and plant stands also add a little bit of nature to the exterior of the building.

The Kundalini yoga studio’s interior design highlights the chakras with the sculptures and the colored lights that surround the area. The open design of the walls leads one to see the depth and breadth of the space. Artwork and sculptures that feature animal forms adorn the interior of the building. Decorative screens and hanging panels allow the yoga studio to be open to the outdoors.

The Kundalini yoga studio at the heart of suburbia offers a modern alternative to the usual yoga studios. This contemporary interior design features a simple style that makes it feel like a home away from home. Natural elements, such as wood and bamboo, anchor the interior design. Many of the yoga studios are located in front of shopping malls and other amenities that are available in the surrounding communities. The Kundalini yoga studio’s unique blend of art and functionality makes it a welcome addition to any person’s home.

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